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HowToBecomeAPhlebotomist.com Becomes Prime Source for Phlebotomy Career Information


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- With the ongoing need for more skilled phlebotomists in all areas of healthcare, the website HowToBecomeAPhlebotomist.com is seeing a surge of people with an interest in the field. The website has been the leading source for information on how to become a phlebotomist including training, certification, job prospects and the world of a certified phlebotomist and phlebotomy technicians.

While the aging of the baby boomer generation is fueling the growth of the healthcare continuum, it is also greatly affecting the need for qualified phlebotomist. One commonality in all areas of health is the phlebotomist as drawing blood often forms the baseline for diagnosis, treatment and general health and wellbeing in all aspects of healthcare. With the continual growing need for more skilled phlebotomists, an increasing number of people interested in careers in healthcare are visiting the website HowToBecomeAPhlebotomist.com to learn about the field, phlebotomy training and the career outlook.

“This is a field with a tremendous amount of growth and career opportunities for those interested in a career in healthcare,” said a spokesperson from the phlebotomy information website. “Like any other career position in healthcare, it requires people that have the right temperament, dedication and hard work ethic, but those possessing the right attributes can find lifelong careers with good salaries.”

The comprehensive website begins by providing a detailed job description and the many settings in which trained and certified phlebotomists are employed. The website then moves to the areas of training and education with information on finding the schools, online training and more. A number of articles will guide readers about the specifics of training, the focus of many classes, length of training and much more. Other articles provide guidelines on what to look for in schools ranging from tuition to reputation of instructors and quality of graduates.

While only two states require phlebotomy certification from professionals to be eligible to practice, the website explains why certification can increase the number of opportunities, salary range and lifelong career prospects. Readers will find the different organizations that provide phlebotomy certification, the differences in exams that they offer and their specific requirements. In addition, readers will also find tips on preparing for the exam as well as information on phlebotomy exam certification preparation classes. Readers will also learn about salary ranges for certified and noncertified phlebotomists. For more information, please visit http://www.howtobecomeaphlebotomist.com

About HowToBecomeAPhlebotomist.com
Since 2008, the website has provided information about how to become a phlebotomist. Readers will find information on the field, job prospects, salary ranges and where to get phlebotomy training to become a certified phlebotomist or certified phlebotomy technician. Readers will also learn about certification and the exams as well as tips and classes for exam preparation.