Joe Bragg Shows It's Possible to Find a Good Apartment with Bad Credit


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- A bad credit rating can negatively impact nearly every aspect of someone’s life. Finding an affordable car loan can be nearly impossible, and banks may swiftly reject any mortgage applications sent their way. Unfortunately, a bad credit rating can also negatively impact someone’s search for accommodations.

At, visitors will learn that it’s possible to find a good apartment despite having a bad credit rating. The website was created by a property manager with over twenty years of industry experience. That manager explains that his company rented to many folks with bad credit, and now he wants to share his experience with the world.

The homepage is a wealth of information for people with bad credit. First, the website explains how to check a credit rating and determine just how bad - or good - that credit rating may be.

Next, the website suggests that apartment seekers assess their assets to determine what other attractive qualities they might have in the eyes of a property management company. A good rental history, for example, is important, and many people with bad credit choose to pay a higher deposit in order to balance out the effects of bad credit.

The creator of How To Get An Apartment With Bad Credit explains some of the other ways in which people with bad credit can rent good apartments:

“Having bad credit shouldn’t completely prevent someone from living in a decent residence. At our site, we teach visitors a number of different ways in which to rent an apartment with bad credit. They can find a cosigner, for example, who can guarantee the lease agreement if the renter ends up breaking a lease. The cosigner must have a good credit rating for this method to be successful. Another popular method is to give a pet away. Pets are a huge liability for property managers, and most property managers agree that - for whatever reason - there is a strong correlation between pets and bad tenants.”

Above all, the most important lesson the website gives to visitors is to learn how to deal with rejection. Having a bad credit rating is a temporary problem that can be solved with a few years of smart financial management, but it’s something that the individual has to learn how to live with for a brief period of time. Thanks to the tips provided by the experienced property manager at, anyone with bad credit can learn how to find a good property for rent.

About is an informational website that explains how anyone with bad credit can rent a good apartment. The website was created by an anonymous property manager with twenty years of industry experience. For more information, please visit: