A Reliable Independent Expeditor Reveals How to Get a Passport Fast


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- gives an answer to two important questions: how to get a passport and how much is a passport. They assure that the process of getting a new U.S. passport is simple and can be done without much hassle. Regarding the price, it will depend on the requested passport type and the period, for which it needs to be issued.

A U.S. passport can be obtained in three ways: through the US government, through the USPS and through a third party independent expeditor. If a person of age 16 or older makes use of the first or the second way, he has to wait between 4 and 7 weeks and his expenses will be about $165.00 and he has to pay for additional services in the process. If people would like to shorten the period required for getting a passport to 3 weeks, they can pay additional $60.00 for the so-called expedite passport service.

Obviously, the third method of obtaining a new passport with the help of the third party independent expeditor is the fastest one. It may take from a single day to 1 or 2 weeks, based on the price that would be paid. is among the most reliable independent expeditors that offer affordable passport service. Customers, who require very fast delivery from 24 to 48 hours, can get it for the additional fee of $299.00, while those who are comfortable with receiving their passport within a time period of a week or two, will pay the fee of only $79.00. People, who inquire about how to get a passport, prefer to use outside services of the independent expeditor due to the convenience of getting it much faster.

Some third party expeditor passport services take up to $325.00. Although this service is a bit expensive, most people use it when require urgent and super fast passport delivery. They simply cannot wait a month or so or do not want to wait in lines with other people. is in the business from more than 20 years and has built their solid reputation, being a reliable service provider. It provides their fast and efficient services to both individual and corporate travelers that come to the USA from a foreign country. Their services are accurate and speedy when providing a card or a passport book to their customers.

People, who would prefer to buy a passport from a state passport center, should be aware that not all the states of America have state passport centers available.

All, who are interested in fast and reliable services that provides, can take a look at How to Get a Passport .

About is a Brooklyn based passport and visa expediting company. American travels rely on their services for more than ten years, as their success rate is 99.9%. Their fast and safe services secure more than 100 passports in a single day.