HowtoRetire55 Announces Their Website Launch offers a number of ways for stay at home moms, internet marketers, and more, to make money online made easy.


Gaborone, Botswana -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- is a website that offers its readers many ways to make extra money online from home. The website is targeted to people such as stay at home working moms, beginners to working online, internet marketers, and so much more. More and more people are looking to learn how to make money through blogging, and making extra money on the side online. The website offers new and unique ways to work from home.

How to Retire at 55
The main purpose of the website is to show people that by working online they can fully retire at the age of 55. In most jobs outside the home, people will usually retire over the age of 60. Having the chance to retire at 55 is something that so many people wish they had the chance to do. is giving you the chance to make that dream to retire at a young age, and with money, a possibility.

Make Money Online
Making money online has never been easier with They offer readers a large variety of new and interesting ideas to make money online. They make it look so easy. Making money online is a much more appealing job to some than getting a job requiring to leave the comfort of their home. Some of their tips include the benefits of selling on ebay, the possibility of becoming an affiliate, and even publishing an eBook. They have even more ideas on the website that meet everyone's skills.

Make Money Blogging
They also show readers how to make money by blogging. Blogs have always been a very popular way of making money. Although, blogging is becoming more of a challenge. With so many new blogs being made every day, how are others supposed to stand out? Some of the tips that they give are SEO training, paid advertisement posts, and ads. Blogging is a fun way to learn more about oneself and to explore new topics.

Make Extra Money
Working online can mean making extra money. Extra money in one's bank account can be a very good idea when the time comes. Maybe the holidays are around the corner and gift shopping is looking like it's on a budget. Making extra money online has proven to help lots of people. On, they show readers the different fun, easy, and new ways to make extra money by working online. Some of the unusual tips that they give are writing jobs, translation jobs, and networking. Each of these offer freelancers time to clean the house, be with the kids, and have time to relax for themselves, all the while making extra money. Working online has proven to be a good side job, or evening job for many.

About HowtoRetire55 understands the dream of retiring at 55. They understand how desirable of an idea or dream it is. They offer readers the chance to learn and understand how to make that dream become a reality. Offering unique, unusual, yet useful tips can provide thousands of people online jobs, whether it be blogging or writing.

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