Joe Bragg Creates Comprehensive Guide on Dealing With Hair Loss


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that a large proportion of men suffer from, but that doesn’t stop men feeling bad as they lose their hair. In some cases women also suffer from hair loss and baldness, and this can be even more psychologically damaging as long hair is generally regarded as a sign of femininity. Baldness used to be something that was accepted stoically. However, people don’t need to suffer in silence anymore. A number of different baldness remedies are on the market.

One website making waves in this market is, a website offering information on dealing with both male and female hair loss.

The site contains a plethora of useful editorial content, all of it regarding how to stop hair fall, or baldness in general. The articles on the site go into considerable detail, with useful how-to guides and even video content.

The site contains a wide range of information on the subject. There is information that advises readers coping with baldness as well as preventing it, as well as articles discussing natural remedies that could help people who are currently losing their hair. There are even articles discussing the psychological problems that people who are losing their hair go through.

One of the main sections of the site is a review of Provillus, a hair loss remedy. The Provillus review goes into great detail about the product, describing the ingredients of the remedy as well as a debate about the effectiveness of the product. The review covers the formulations created for both male and female baldness sufferers.

A spokesperson for the site said: “We wanted to create a website that goes into real detail about stopping hair loss. Male and female hair loss is a common problem in our society, and both men and women can feel deep psychological effects and trauma when they are losing their hair. There are lots of effective hair loss remedies on the market, but the problem is finding information. Too many people are suffering as a result of hair loss without knowing how they could stop it. That’s why we created, as a comprehensive source of reliable information about hair loss, baldness, and hair loss remedies.”

About is a site containing editorial content dealing with hair loss, baldness, and ways to avoid baldness.

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