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Monsey, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- Owning a cat can be tricky as they are not exactly as expressive as dogs are and although there is a lot of awareness about dog caring, there is not much about taking care of or feline friends. As its name suggests, is a comprehensive online guide that contains tips, advice and techniques needed to raise a kitten well.

Cats are the most popular pets in the USA. However, more often than not, people tend to bring them home or pick a stray one off the streets without having proper knowledge about how to go about taking care of it. Bringing home a pet is much like starting a new life with a human baby and one needs to be well equipped with knowledge about their caretaking. This is where helps as it answers all questions that cat owners may have in mind and addresses issues as well as gives solutions for bettering the upbringing of feline pets.

Grooming techniques and essentials, the proper food to be fed, bedding methods to employ and a number of other such useful and handy data is provided by Although cats are essentially independent creatures and are capable of taking care of themselves, owners still need to fulfill the other prerequisites of good cat caretaking so that the kitten turns out to be a well-rounded cat and add to the joys of owning a pet.

Besides tips on how to take care of a kitten, this website also provides vital information about other aspects of cat owning such as:

- Things one Should Know Before Going To Buy A Kitten
- Creating A Safe Zone For one's New Kitty
- Do I Need Pet Health Insurance For My Kitty?
- Do I Need To Bathe My New Kitty?
- Does My Kitty Need A Pet Carrier?
- Does My Kitty Need An Id Tag?
- Does My Kitty Need Vaccinations?
- Fleas And one's Kitten
- How Often Will I Need To Take Kitty To The Vet
- How To Kitten Proof one's Home
- How To Pick A Name For one's Kitten
- Introducing A New Kitten To one's Existing Cat
- What Equipment Do one Need When First Buying A Kitten

About is a guiding website for prospective and current cat owners. It contains information about a variety of important topics pertaining to good kitten nourishment and care.

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