Joe Bragg Releases Guide on Taking Control of a Puppy's Biting Problem


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to be around puppies. But no matter how cute a puppy may be, biting is still a serious problem that many pet owners struggle to deal with every day.

Fortunately, pet owners can turn to a website called for help. At, visitors will find a selection of dog training tips and tricks, including a recently-released guide entitled, “How to Take Charge of Your Puppy’s Biting Problem.”

In that guide, visitors will learn that chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, especially for puppies that are ready to eagerly explore the world using all of their senses. Instead of trying to suppress that natural instinct, the guide recommends giving puppies a soft chew toy. This distracts the dog from less chew-friendly objects like furniture, clothing, or people.

But sometimes, a soft toy isn’t enough. For stubborn puppies that seem intent on chewing everything, the guide recommends forcing everybody in the house to adopt the same training attitude towards the puppy. So instead of having children encourage puppy biting while parents suppress it, the guide recommends telling children – and adults – the proper way to deal with puppy biting.

But puppy biting isn’t the only dog training problem that seeks to solve. A spokesperson for How to Train Your Dog HQ explains what other information is listed on the website:

“Our website is designed to be a one-stop resource for dog owners seeking to solve any pet-related problems, including how to control a barking dog, what kinds of vaccinations are needed for a new dog, and the best breeds for any type of family. Some articles are designed for people who haven’t even bought a dog yet, while others are designed for current dog owners who are struggling with behavioral problems.”

One interesting article discusses the 10 things that a veterinarian will not tell a dog owner. In that article, readers discover that veterinarians may not inform the pet owner about the right type of dog vitamins, or that some veterinarians lie about the use of dog pain killers.

Information on the website is gathered from a wide range of sources:

“Some of our information comes directly from veterinarians, while other articles are written by experienced pet owners. With each article, we conduct hours of research both online and offline in order to provide our visitors with the most accurate information possible.”

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