HR Carriages

HR Carriages Expands Their Transportation Offerings

Guests choose from chauffeur driven cars to chartered jets, depending on their needs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- When one visits London, he or she finds a number of transportation options are offered. From buses to bicycles, cars for hire and more, getting around London doesn't have to be difficult. Many, however, find the public transportation system to be too confusing or worry they won't arrive at their destination in a timely manner. "With the help of a Mercedes Benz s class car hire or rolls Royce phantom hire London, this no longer needs to be a concern of guests to this beautiful city," HR Carriages declares.

Visitors to London aren't the only ones who may find they need to hire a Mercedes S Class or other vehicle, however. One may wish to make use of the Mercedes Viano 7-seater for an evening out on the town with their significant other, or a group of students might wish to hire one for a special occasion during the school years. "HR Carriages understands there are a number of situations where a car hire becomes of help and works to accommodate the needs of all, such as those planning a wedding or for road shows," HR Carriages continues.

Weddings, although happy occasions, tend to come with a great deal of stress as there are many details to be focused on at one time. When the time comes to plan a wedding, many choose to make use of a wedding car hire London. "Doing so ensures all parties arrive at the wedding ceremony in a timely manner, and that all arrive at and leave the reception safely. Ensure wedding party members can partake of alcohol and enjoy the activities if they wish to, without the need to worry about finding a ride home. The HR Carriages limousine service helps to guarantee this is the case," HR Carriages explains.

In certain situations, one may need to travel to another part of the globe quickly, rather than from one part of the city to another. HR Carriages realized there was a need for executive jet charter UK service and worked to fill that need. "When one needs a flight and quickly, HR Carriages steps in, offering jet charters to more than 5,000 airports across the globe. An HR Carriages chauffeur picks guests up and takes them directly to the jet, and within 15 minutes, one will be up in the air, on the way to the destination of choice. From a 7-seat Cessna to a 14-passenger Gulfstream, HR Carriages offers the charters one needs to have a relaxing flight, one that is enjoyable and memorable to all," HR Carriages proclaims.

About HR Carriages
HR Carriages provides hassle free rides throughout the city of London, offering the services of professional, courteous chauffeurs, allowing clients to relax and focus on their business in the city rather than driving. In addition to offering cars for hire, HR Carriages now provides charter jet services to more than 5,000 airports around the world and protection services for those in need of security while in London.