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HR Gurus Publishes New Series of HR Case Studies to Help SMEs Get to Grips with Best Practices

HR Gurus offers HR consulting services in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is publishing a series of articles to help businesses learn from real life examples of HR gone wrong.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- Human resources are the single most important factor in any business. Whether it is making the right hires or keeping people motivated, that human element will always be the defining factor in a business' success or failure. Many people start SME's because of their passion to provide a product or service that can change the market, but few start their career with skills in people management. wants to help SME's fill that void with bespoke consulting services. To demonstrate the kind of work they do, they are now publishing regular case studies they call HR Horror Stories.

In the first of the series, the author describes a situation arising in which two employees constantly found flaws in one another's work, blamed one another for shortcomings and even tried to sabotage each other, culminating in a physical altercation that led to serious misconduct.

The author then goes on to classify a serious misconduct, and what recourse employees have to discipline and dealing with the situation both from a professional and public relations standpoint. The case study is used to evaluate the options and reveal the appropriate action taken, so other bosses can rely on the same strategies for themselves.

A spokesperson for explained, "We began this new series of case studies to show people the kind of exploration, expertise and recommendations we are known for among our clients. These case studies will provide invaluable, actionable advice to those thinking about creating a start up, and will be a useful searchable resource for those already managing teams who find themselves up against unexpected situations. These articles can be shared, bookmarked and discussed in more detail on the site, making them a perfect way for us to introduce ourselves to new potential clients."

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