HR Roles to Support the Rise of the Chief Sustainability Officer


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2022 -- [Trend topics]. There has been a noticeable rise in the demand for ESG hires and sustainability talent in recent years, as more and more organisations seek to embed ESG into strategy and structure. However, there still remain challenges in terms of being able to firmly root sustainability into the C-Suite. The HR Role is crucial to achieving this, providing the kind of support that will give the CSO real visibility, as well as the insight and understanding required to navigate an organisation's existing structures. In fact, it's arguable that without the backing of those in HR roles in an enterprise, the rise of the CSO may never happen.

CSO is a relatively new endeavour for many organisations, one that is still defining its boundaries. This is a role that will be responsible for influencing the way that decisions are being made within the business in the long term - with sustainability in mind. It's the CSO that may need to push for change where it becomes obvious that the communities, energies or materials that the business is reliant upon simply won't be available in the next decade or so. Greenwashing is a real threat to credibility today and something that the CSO will take on the responsibility for steering the business clear of, ensuring that the messaging and the substance of ESG initiatives really do match up. So, there is a lot of change in the CSO agenda and that's not something that is easy for anyone to achieve, particularly in a relatively embryonic role. HR Role support will give credibility to the initiatives being driven by the CSO and help to amplify the messaging. It could be something as simple as championing the ongoing importance of sustainability to the board or facilitating communication and teamwork across the business. Those in an HR Role can also provide vital insight in terms of identifying the best stakeholders to involve in sustainability initiatives, those that are most likely to be able to take quick and decisive action.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic]. Sustainability is just one part of the commitment that Leathwaite has made to creating an organisation that has robust, transparent and resilient foundations. The firm has established an internal ESG team - recognising the critical nature of this function - which is focused on ensuring that ESG is embedded into every element of the business. The team is formed of a diverse array of members from across the organisation. Leathwaite has already set out its goal of becoming certified as a B Corp in the near future. The firm also has a well-established CSR programme that provides staff with the opportunity to explore engaging with different charity partners - everyone who works at the business is given a volunteer day every year to put this into action. It's just one of the ways in which Leathwaite has demonstrated proactiveness when it comes to bringing ESG and CSR initiatives to life.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. It's not news to the team at Leathwaite that professionals in an HR Role are such key partners for executive talent driving positive change within a business. The best HR leaders can be transformative for the organisations that they work for, providing the momentum for transformation and helping to shape strategic thinking within an organisation, whether that relates to innovation or sustainability. The team at Leathwaite has more than 15 years of experience in recruitment talent for an HR Role, whether that is Chief HR Officer or People Officers. Working in partnership with CEOs, boards and HR Leaders, Leathwaite ensure that every HR Role is filled with the kind of talent that can support visionary transformation and help to improve critical business functions through people management. Whether it is vital support to a new CSO - or another executive function - it's the talent in HR that is the powerhouse when it comes to putting people front and centre in any business today.

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