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HS Technik, Slovakia Celebrates 22 Years in Metalwork with New Innovations


Lietavska Lucka, Slovakia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Metallurgy is the craft or industry in which the metal components for machinery are crafted from base metals. In many cases, this process requires the treating and hardening of metal components to be resilient enough to stand the rigors they are put through on a daily basis. In Slovakia, only three companies provide these particular services, but HS Technik is celebrating its 20th year in the industry by pushing forward with investments in the latest technological developments.

HS Technik is a company offering induction heating, laser heat treating heat treatment, cylindrical grinding and thermal spraying services in Slovakia, and was only the third of its kind, quickly overtaking the competition. With its dedication to continuing innovation, the company is now offering a laser heating service, which promises to add further versatility to the company and offer companies in Slovakia and neighbouring countries new opportunities in treating metals.

As well as traditional heat treatments such as thermal spraying, which the company has implemented in – for example - enhancing bearings from wind turbines, and induction heating used for the enhancing of automotive parts, the laser heat treating uses laser beams to create a hardened outer layer by metallurgical transformation.

In May 2006 the company obtained its ISO 9001:2000 certificate, giving it international recognition for its high standards of output, making them a contender on the world stage for those looking for hardened metal components, who would do well to consider the relatively cheaper manufacturing costs of this small European country. The Slovak economy is strong and competitive; the company often offers services at third cost of its other European competitors while sustaining higher quality standards.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We’re excited to be celebrating our 22nd year in this small but competitive industry, and it’s part of our continuing commitment to our customers that we aim to innovate in the kinds of services we offer and the capabilities they create for us as a company and by extension the end users of the products we help to create. Slovakia is a hard working, up and coming nation and we like to do all we can to lead the technological development here in the industry sector.”

About HS Technik
HS Technik is a local business in Slovakia, operating its own laboratory and equipment and offering services in induction heating (heat treatment of metal) as well as Laser Heat Treatment, thermal spraying, and cylindrical grinding. Customers bring metal parts to the lab, or can opt for a mobile solution and have equipment brought to their site. For more information please visit: http://www.hstechnik.sk/