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HSBC Denied Services to Shooting Businesses: Solware Comments


Wilnecote, Tamworth -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- Towards the end of 2016 The Countryside Alliance was investigating claims that HSBC had been discriminating against shooting businesses - denying them services for no particular reason. The investigation found that at least one business had been informed by HSBC that shooting as considered to be a "prohibited sport" and in line denied their services.

Following the investigation the CEO of Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner took it upon himself to write to the chairman of HSBG Douglas Flint, informing him of the high value of game shooting to the UK economy and asking for answers as to whether or not as a company they have a policy in place discriminating against those whom participate in the sport. The response he received stated that there were no such policies in place and that chairman himself was going to look into the matter, to why these businesses seem to be being denied services – however, no updates have been made since.

A spokesperson from one of the leading suppliers of air pistols and air rifles in the UK was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We think that it is great the Countryside Alliance constantly strives to stand up for the shooting industry wherever it is challenged – and for this we would like to thank them. Shooting is not only a sport in which many people enjoy, but it is also rising in popularity, with more and more people realising that they have simply been brainwashed into thinking that it is bad. If you are considering taking up shooting, and are unsure which weapons you should start off with – we advise that you contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today whom will be more than happy to help."

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