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HSMN Announces the Start 10 Program to Assess the Readiness for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-Procedure Coding in the Revenue Cycle Management Process


Wellington, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- HSMN announced two weeks ago a new program to help transition the Medical Staff from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM. The announcement focused on what is the most important element in having correct coding. They emphasized working with the Medical Staff because they are the source of what supports the Patient Encounter.

Clients responded by asking HSMN to widen their scope to include not only Coders but also Billers and others who will touch the Coding. For instance putting in orders for procedures and studies based upon physician requests. This request dovetails perfectly into HSMN’s Physician Practice Management group.

So HSMN has broadened the program to include The Revenue Cycle Continuum. Therefore effective Monday February 3rd HSMN will be accepting client requests to work in a Comprehensive Program to get everyone into the framework of the new coding.

HSMN has called the program “Start 10”. In effect HSMN will look at how ready each aspect of the Revenue Cycle is ready for ICD-10 especially the Medical Staff, Coders, billers and Surgery/procedure Schedulers.

Revenue Cycle Management is key component of our core services. Other firms are doing ‘Assessments’ for readiness, but HSMN is evaluating the readiness of the entire Revenue Cycle through its ‘Start 10’ program” says Theo Tarantini of HSMN.

The steps in the program are the following: 1) Review current clinical data and cases in all disciplines that have claims attached that are either paid or not paid; 2) Review the role each aspect of the Revenue Cycle played in the performance on selected cases; 3) Review the cases with those involved including the Medical staff and others; 4) Do a case conference which “Deconstructs” the cases evaluated and “Reconstruct” them with ICD-10 requirements. 5) Make separate presentations to each of the elements of the Revenue Cycle involved; 6) prospectively follow cases through claim submission to determine whether the program has been successful; 7) Grade the outcome and prepare a “Management Plan for improvement.

Start 10 today. Call HSMN at 866-908-4226 or email us at to have an initial discussion about what your needs are.