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HSMN Publishes Study from a Hospital Consulting ACO Assessment and Physician Practice Management ARP Engagement

In their February Newsletter AIS Health Confirms from a recent Study what HSMN had announced recently: Payoffs for smaller MSSP groups with tiny savings are unlikely.


Wellington, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- In their February Newsletter AIS Health Confirms from a recent Study what HSMN had announced recently: Payoffs for smaller MSSP groups with tiny savings are unlikely. In its previous Press Release in which HSMN announced the implementation of its ARP Teams HSMN also indicated strongly that without the proper assessments neither clinical practice nor any organization can know how they will end up financially.

HSMN is now underway advising Physician Practices and Hospital clients who have asked HSMN to help them decide (as a group or individual practitioner) to join an ACO or create one by acquiring medical practices. Some Physicians are investing with others in trying to acquire the expert knowledge to get them ready to become an ACO (Accountable Care Organization under the Affordable Care Act).

HSMN’s ARP Teams of Healthcare Financial Management Operations/Financial Strategists are looking at many practice and hospital system situations to determine whether such a dramatic step is warranted. The simple question of “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?” (in practice) must be answered by both the Hospitals and Physicians.

Is this move to develop an ACO consistent with the mission of the Hospital system? Is such a move consistent with both professional and personal goals for the individual practitioners? Most of all what is to be gained financially?

The ARP Teams have begun to focus on two Comprehensive Aspects: a Practice Assessment that includes a financial pro forma looking at all financial scenarios. How much income will be derived from either source? (That is status quo or moving toward the ACO Model). The second Assessment is one that requires a strategic look at where the Practice is going.

The ARP Teams have sat with each of the practitioners or soloist to determine what their professional, financial and personal goals are and where they stand currently in reaching them.

HSMN has been supported in acknowledging that assessments are an essential step in the decision to leave private practice and join an ACO as an employed Physician or even as a Contractor. HSMN’s two Assessments have provided a view into a financial future as well as one that can bring professional and personal satisfaction. An important outcome has been Clinicians who now say they truly need a strategic and business plan as their blueprint for the future.

HSMN has found that years in practice, type of discipline and the cultural and practice values held by the individuals have been huge determinants in the decision making process in moving toward or away from the ACO. HSMN in doing its assessment have sorted out the emotions from the facts. This sorting out makes it possible for the person making the decision to be less emotional and more objective.

HSMN has studied the ACOs in existence and the guidance CMS provides and throughout it the big question remains, “does this make sense for me or for our organization?” All practitioners/organizations who contemplate these changes still have no idea how revenue cycle management still affect them. In theory everything is budget neutral. In reality it is not. So a Physician doing a gross of one million joins an ACO.

The ACO goal is help save some of that money and then reap some benefit by getting a percentage back. Or is it that the Physician will now have the ability to use an electronic record, share data, and provide integrated care in this patient centered endeavor? To what extent will this fulfill all professional and personal goals? We don’t know. What we do know is that decisions about clinical practice must be made by completing understanding of whether the status quo is good enough or whether some thought must go into answering the question, “Where is this practice going?”

HSMN’s ARP Program has created an ACO Simulation. As part of the exercise; we have plopped the physician into the ACO and he/she is able to see the future (virtually). Likewise with large organizations, we simulate what it will be like both financially and as “Mission” fulfillment for their organization.

The goals of the ACO movement are noble and do make sense from a theoretical point of view. Can they really work for the individual practitioner? The forerunners of the ACO are the Medical Foundations which seem to be thriving in California.

The real question is what will really work for the Physicians and other types of practitioners? There is the feeling in the country and among our clients that the ACO movement is antithetical to being an entrepreneur in practice.

The announcement of the study today signals that HSMN has been correct in saying without the proper assessments neither large organizations nor clinical practices should jump in. A link to the latest study on “Payoffs” for the ACO’s is listed here and well worth reading.

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