Hsoub Ads Network Adds Support for YouTube & Vimeo Videos

Hsoub has announced the launch of the latest update to its Hsoub Ads Network


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Hsoub has announced the launch of the latest update to its Hsoub Ads Network (, the popular online advertising platform in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), that allows advertisers to implement YouTube and Vimeo videos in their ads.

According to Hsoub, this remarkable upgrade comes in response to feedback by advertisers who use Hsoub Ads to reach millions of potential customers in the MENA region. Previously, advertisers had to upload a short clip to Hsoub's servers, or use traditional text or banner ads; but with the implementation of this update, they are now able to take advantage of videos they previously uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and display them in their ads that are distributed across thousands of Arabic websites in Hsoub Ads Display Network.

Mukhtar Algendy, head of marketing at Hsoub, stated that this update is good news for advertisers, since it spares them the efforts needed for creating and uploading new videos to the platform, and with few clicks, their videos from YouTube or Vimeo will start to appear in their advertisements served by Hsoub Ads. This would allow advertisers to focus more on monitoring and enhancing their ad campaigns.

According to Algendy, since video ads can be more effective and engaging than passive text or banner ads, the update would expand advertisers’ reach and increase interaction with their ads and consequently their conversion rates; "this will be translated into an increase in sales and in profits, which makes us confident that both advertisers and publishers will be happy for this news".

Hsoub is the UK-based Arab web developing company behind Hsoub Ads, which now serves more than a billion ads monthly, and it is also the developer of several other popular services in the Arab world like Khamsat, Asnad, Ishtarate, and Arabia I/O.

Media Contact
Mouad Khateb, PR officer at Hsoub Ltd.