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HST Scales Achieves Great Growth in 2012, Selling Their Highest Volume of Products to Date


Staffordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Whether an individual is interested in knowing how much they weigh, a company needs to know how much to charge for fresh produce or precious metals, or a shipping company needs to know how much weight they are hauling, they must utilize some type of scale.

In order to make sure they are receiving accurate numbers, it is essential for individuals or businesses to find well-calibrated, affordable scales to suit their unique needs.

As the UK’s leading provider of weighing equipment, HST Scales has achieved great growth over the past year, selling more products in 2012 than ever before. Serving businesses and individuals worldwide, the company aims to become the No. 1 online retail store for scales, and with their recent boost in sales, is quickly approaching their goal.

According to the company, “HST Scales is dedicated to providing you with top quality precision weighing scales at remarkable prices. We are so pleased with the success we have had so far this year and plan to continue to expand our range of online products to further offer the largest selection of scales on the market.”

The company currently features a vast selection of weighing equipment, including food scales, postal and parcel scales, laboratory scales, industrial scales, medical scales, retail and jewellery scales, mini scales, veterinary scales, bench scales, calibration scales, pallet truck and weighers, platform pallet scales, and more.

HST Scales takes painstaking measures to ensure all of their weighing equipment is of the highest quality and in the best working order. The company not only sells, but also manufacturers all of their products.

Individuals and businesses can order their required weighing equipment directly on the HST Scales site. Not all products are listed online so if a shopper does not see the scale or balance they are interested in ordering, they should contact the company directly to see if another model or product is available to suit their unique needs.

For more information or to view the company’s large selection of quality weighing equipment, visit http://www.hstscales.co.uk/

About HST Scales
Established in the 1980s, HST Scales is an international based organisation with a large manufacturing factory based in China. The company has the very latest technology in the weighing industry providing a full range of weighing equipment from small bench balances to pallet scales. The company is dedicated to providing a famous quality and brand at a low cost, which is attractive to single or multiple purchases.