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HTH Engineering Expands Online Tutorial Info for Dragon Medical Practice Edition Software


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- HTH Engineering is pleased to announce that they have recently added new tutorial information and videos to their website in order to help customers better understand the available Dragon Medical Practice Edition software. HTH Engineering develops, manufactures and sells original products for the digital transcription and dictation industry and is also a Professional Line dealer for Olympus, Philips, Dragon, Revolabs and other fine products.

As thousands of medical practices adopt the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software from Nuance Healthcare to maximize their use of EHR and EMR, thousands more are continuing to learn about the solution before taking the plunge. As professional line dealers for Dragon among other major manufacturers, HTH Engineering has recently updated their website with videos and additional information to help their potential medical clients to better understand the software solution. “Our goal is to help care providers understand how Dragon Medical Practice Edition software can transform patient care and make the EHR an asset rather than a deterrent to optimized care,” said an HTH Engineering specialist.

Designed for practices with less than 25 physicians, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software brings a real-time speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to dictate and edit medical records at the point of care directly into their EHR. By eliminating the need to wait for transcribed reports or type medical notes into their EHRs, clinicians can save valuable time, make fewer errors, spend more time with patients to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction while increasing physician reimbursement.

The new HTH Engineering website videos go through the powerful commands available with the software to show how the Dragon Pad and the Nuance PowerMic II work to convert the spoken word to text. The videos then go beyond the text to show how the user can control the many functions of the software via voice command such as inserting and saving graphic images. The user-defined images can be easily uploaded, stored, retrieved and modified in real time with the software. Saving and selecting phrases, sentences and paragraphs with or without accompanying images can be recalled and inserted into new files without touching the keyboard. The versatility of recalling, adapting, and changing training commands into the command templates file is also explored.

Website visitors will also learn how to change the current vocabulary and specify dictation orders, make Internet searches using their voice as well as how the voice configuration and background noise filtering works to increase accuracy. “Clinicians are often battling the very systems and technology meant to make them more efficient,” said the specialist. “Our intent is to show how the software can remove those technological and paper-based barriers to practicing medicine so that clinicians can increase quality of care and spend more time with patients.” For more information, please visit http://www.dragonmedicalhitech.com

About HTH Engineering, Inc.
Since 1998, HTH Engineering, Inc. has created and led the digital transcription and dictation industry with innovative “firsts,” and original products. The company is composed of degreed engineers, software developers, technicians as well as sales and marketing staff. In addition to development, manufacture and sales of original products, they also are Professional Line Dealers for Olympus, Philips, Dragon, Revolabs and other fine products.