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Https Card Offers a Unique Solution to a Global Problem

10% rise in the Identity Theft in last Quarter as per latest report


Paris, Ile de France -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Identity theft has spread like wildfire on the internet. The problem seems to be getting bigger and bigger with increased access to personal accounts and foolproof hacking techniques. Latest reports indicate that every two seconds, there is a victim of identity theft in the US. In France, The CREDOC published a study in October 2009 revealing that there were more than 200, 000 victims of identity crime per year.

As alarming as the situation is, a further proof that establishes most astonishing fact about the crime comes from the CSA 2012 survey which suggests that the growth of this new form of crime is 40 % per year!

When it comes to identity thefts no one is spared. Be it individuals, corporations or social groups, everybody is susceptible to this kind of crime which is now unstoppable. The good news is there seems to be a solution to this global problem, a card that helps victims clear their name in case their profile is tarnished as a result of the theft. The Https Card is an online identity card which helps individuals prove their real identity, real blogs, social networks, images and photos, texts and videos through 6 levels of verification.

The Https Card is a true innovation when it comes to helping people deal with an identity crisis because it creates a firewall of security that is not only hard to demolish but, also impossible to penetrate. All one has to do to get this level of security is register their profile, add their personal details, photo etc., along with their phone number and wait for the code to arrive. This code is what links the person to his profile which only he or she can access as long as they are connected to the internet.

About Https Card Service
The Https Card service is available in 193 countries that can be accessed using 26 currencies. The company has also partnered with PayPal to help online shoppers protect their personal information. The idea through the card is to help people create awareness about the problem and seek a long term solution that is practical, convenient and shatter proof. To know more about the card and try it for free, log onto

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