Hu-MAN Up's Indiegogo Campaign to Help End Rape Culture Through Billboards, Bus Signs & Theater


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- hu-MAN Up, an arm of the 501c3, the planet project is comprised of men and women working as allies across gender and generations, to help end Rape Culture, via creative, unconventional means of cultivating compassion, respect, and responsibility, inspiring action, and helping to end sexism and gender violence in Lancaster, PA and beyond. The educationally based charity is midway through their 2014 production, BECOMING HUMAN: Words and  Images to End Rape Culture, for which they received design and writing submissions from Lancaster, PA to New Zealand. All submissions were exhibited throughout the organization’s launch weekend and selected monologues performed, offering audiences tools for transformation. They’re now ready to launch the Billboard, Bus Sign and Tee phase of the project.

The ads and tees (for crowd swarming) will carry messages aimed at men and boys addressing institutionalized and everyday sexism. “All of the messaging aims to engage men and foster respect,” says Co-Director Adele Taylor Ulrich. Ray Manlove, who also Co-directs the organization adds, “We’re living in an environment that is laden with images and messages normalizing rape culture. We’re out to change that.”  Ulrich and Manlove plan to grow the project to be international in scope and help create a new normal that respects women and offers them equality.  Ads are expensive and Rape Culture is extensive (an estimated 1 in 3 women have been assaulted on the planet). Every dollar raised will go towards billboards and bus signs in Lancaster, and producing tees and educational DVDs.  Details can be found on the Indiegogo Page: 

Contact: Adele Taylor Ulrich: 717.468.3685 |