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Ribbun Launches Its New HubPage Creation Service

Ribbun, A Budding SEO and SMO Firm, Launches New HubPage Services for Its Clients


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2011 -- Ribbun, a rapidly rising search engine and social media optimization firm, has now unveiled its HubPage creation services as part of its mission to create a strong online presence for its clients.

HubPages is a popular community that works by sharing content created by individual users. The content is written in an article format and can be based on several topics. Currently, this popular content sharing website receives more than 10 million visits a month. With such a large amount of traffic being generated in just a month, HubPages can prove to be very useful for directing targeted traffic to the website. HubPage creation services like the one launched by Ribbun can help in creating content that is relevant to the niche of the business. This only brings in viewers who are part of the target market. Once they click on the link to a website, they can be converted into a lead or customer.

HubPages also helps online businesses create a sense of trust among their prospective customers. HubPage users are often considered to be experts in their field. Therefore, establishing a presence on this website by creating a HubPage can boost credibility for the business. This credibility and trust improves if the business creates useful content for its HubPage instead of blatant promotions.

This popular website is also important from the SEO point of view. Some search engine optimization firms are aware of the benefits that HubPages can provide to SEO strategies. Mr. Mohit from Ribbun Software shares his point of view, “HubPages is a very popular website and strong source for traffic. More than that, however, the website’s popularity can also be used to boost the page rank of our clients’ websites. With so many benefits, it is hard for us to ignore HubPages. That is why we jumped in and decided to offer our clients the opportunity to use this platform as well.”

Search engine bots give special importance to popular sites such as HubPages, which is why it places a website higher up the search engine page rank index when it identifies a backlink to a popular HubPage.

Apart from all of this, HubPage creation services can better a business’s visibility. The website attracts millions of users and can be a strong platform for businesses to declare their existence and develop a trustworthy image. Ribbun’s new HubPage creation services offer its clients the ability to use HubPages to the hilt- for traffic generation, search engine optimization, and brand recognition and visibility.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a popular search engine and social media optimization firm that offers clients a wide range of services to choose from for creating an online presence and building a brand. It latest service- HubPage creation- is also part of Ribbun’s mission to provide the best service for its clients.