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Laboratory Automation Company Participates in SLAS 2014


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Hudson Robotics is proud to participate in the annual SLAS conference and exhibition in 2014. SLAS 2014 is the annual gathering of professionals united by innovative laboratory science and technology. Hudson Robotics was at the conference and exhibition held in San Diego, California from January 18 through January 22.

This year Hudson Robotics will take advantage of the New SLAS2014 Conference App. This is an easy resource for mobile device users attending the conference and exhibition. It is another example of the advanced technologies being used in the industry to improve operations and make information more accessible. These are also two of the major goals of laboratory automation. Robotics is helping laboratory researcher spend more time on analyzing data and less time on routine tasks.

The SLAS2014 Exhibition includes a Rapid-Fire Innovation Session, exhibits and more. Hudson Robotics was one of the esteemed exhibitors at this renowned convention. Industry professionals can learn more about the functions and benefit of laboratory automation by visiting exhibits such as the one provided by Hudson Robotics. Existing systems can also be automated as Hudson Robotics specializes in, “integrating users’ existing and new instruments easily into laboratory automation solutions.”

While online registration for SLAS2014 closed prior to the event, on-site registration was open in the Hall G Lobby of the San Diego Convention Center through the end of the event. Many respected industry professionals attended the event and explored exhibits such as the one presented by Hudson Robotics. Automation has become one of the most viable ways to advance life science research.

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Hudson Robotics produces laboratory automation products, systems and software to accelerate life science research. New an existing instruments can be integrated into laboratory automation solutions.

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