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Huffington Post Is Worth $315 Million with the Help of SEO: Great Learnings from Huffington Post's Best SEO Practices

What sets Huffington Post’s SEO efforts apart from those struggling to make use of the online business model? What are their secrets for making their worth amounting to $315?


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- As reported by NY Times, “The Huffington Post’s skill at using [SEO] to increase readership and revenue was one of the ways it made itself worth $315 million”. Given the SEO magic that served as a vehicle for Huffington Post to increase readership and revenue, what specific SEO models would pave the way toward profitable journalism?

Understanding What “Search” in Search Engines Mean

Huffington Post recognizes the universal popularity of search and their website is designed so specifically to be as search-friendly as possible. They know that people look for basically almost everything on the internet. Forbes’ Chief Product Officer Lewis Dvorkin said, “Search is, in my mind, yesterday’s story. You’re finding that today’s audience is much more interested in the filter of their colleagues and friends who they trust than an algorithm produced by someone else.” Dvorkin recently headed the project of redesigning Forbes website to make it more social. Investing time and effort in keyword research and working on campaigns targeted on these keywords or on what people specifically look for is the key towards gaining popularity online.

Driving Traffic via the Search Engines

Huffington Post found SEO as a sound way of making money via selling of advertisements that was made possible via the so-called “traffic”. Search engines bring a lot of traffic to one’s site since almost everyone in the world uses search engines.

Using Content Wisely

Blekko’s Chief Executive Rich Skrenta said that SEO is indeed essential that can “turn into a heroin drip for publishers”. He commended Huffington Post for having really good content at the beginning but then utilized SEO techniques in making more money while pushing down the pressures on having quality content.

Huffington Post is noted for publishing articles which hit it on the trending list in recent Google searches. Hitwise (a web analysis firm) January 2014’s data showed that the 35% of visits Huffington Post got on January came from search engines. However, if one would try to imitate Huffington Post’s success story, they must make sure that content are being created for the sake of disseminating information and not merely to have something where people can click on.

Harvard University Nieman Journalism Lab’s Director Joshua Benton Huffington Post’s strategy unifies conventional journalistic impulses with internet business model. According to him, “HuffPo went from being extremely focused on tactics that a lot of news organizations didn’t like, but they’ve started making money, built up an audience, and now they’re moving into more sophisticated territory. What they’ve been successful at is creating the kind of brand that other sites have or would love to have, so that people want to type in ‘Huffington Post’ in their browser.”

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