Huffington Post Reveals Why Drinking Water Might Be Dangerous


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2016 -- Not all waters are the same. Several people believe that all drinking waters are safe because they are processed. But in a 2012 report on The Huffington Post, drinking waters might hide some dangers and risks for the health.

The Huffington Post recalled how a resident in South Korea experienced water fresh from the well without the contaminants back during the early 1960s. But the resident noted how some municipal waters today need some further testing.

"I especially enjoyed drinking fresh, cold water from our garden hose on a hot summer day after playing with my new neighborhood friends!" Dr. Susanne Bennett wrote in the article. "Today, 40 years later, you may believe that municipal water is clean and safe to drink, but too many disturbing studies show otherwise."

The Huffington Post mentioned investigations that found tap water in the United States contaminated. They reportedly can cause health problems such as rashes, skin burns and dental issues.

The report also noted how agencies found water contamination in each of the state's school water.

"Data from the Environmental Protection Agency revealed one out of every five schools investigated violated the Safe Drinking Water Act during the past decade," the Huffington Post report said.

Dealing with the issues

Fortunately, there are several ways people can prevent the dangers from drinking water. Some of these ways are drinking only purified water, drinking appropriate amounts of purified water, investing in reverse osmosis systems and buying house water purification system.

"Dehydration slows your metabolism down, as well as the natural healing process of the body. When you drink adequate amounts of water, you can reduce allergenic symptoms and feel more alert and energetic," the report stated.

Aside from these suggestions by The Huffington Post, it is also best if homeowners will invest in a household water testing kit, such as HealthyWiser's TDS meter.

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