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Huge Amounts of Water Diverted from Agriculture to Oil Production

Simple & Economical Breakthrough Saves Thousands of Acre Feet per Day


Glendora, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Tupper Hull, spokesman for the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and former press spokesman for the Westlands Water District, admitted in an interview on National Public Radio (NPR): “Once they figure out how to make the Monterey Shale economically viable, the water usage will ramp up significantly.” In an interview with Lauren Sommer, the numbers discussed were “up to a million gallons per well.“

California is the source of an enormous agricultural industry, and considering that the Monterey Shale is located beneath the fertile Central Valley, petroleum is going to compete with agriculture and other commercial and residential users for available water. With 100 percent of California now in a state of "severe" drought, attention is now focused on the extent to which the government should allow oil and gas companies to move in.

In response to this emergency situation, XavierC, LLC has introduced a simple, low cost, environmentally friendly solution: Conservation Balls. According to president Sydney Chase, “more water evaporates from reservoirs than is consumed by humans and over 90% of evaporation can be prevented. During summertime, it is possible to save 24,154 gallons per day (per acre foot of water) or an astounding 814,627 gallons per month.” Conservation balls are 4” hollow plastic with a small amount of ballast inserted to prevent blowing away in high winds. These Conservation Balls are inserted in large numbers to cover any body of water or chemical waste ponds.

Not only do Conservation Balls save water from evaporation, but birds and other animals are kept out and algae is prevented from forming. In the case of industrial waste ponds, water fowl and other animals are kept away, thus preventing a horrible death.

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Xavier C, LLC is the leading authority in the production and implementation of

Conservation Balls. Conservation Balls provide a portable floating cover that automatically adjusts to the water level, therefore, becoming the low cost environmentally friendly way to save thousands of dollars each month by preventing evaporation of water in reservoirs and manufacturing waste water ponds.

About Conservation Balls
Conservation Balls are produced in a large 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in southern California. The factory is ISO 9000 certified and hollow plastic XavierC Conservation Balls are NSF certified safe for placement in drinking water and city and municipal reservoirs. The facility employs 100 full time staff operating 3 shifts up to 7 days a week to accommodate all production needs and schedules.

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