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Huge Frame Introduces Versatile Digital Photo Frames at Discount


Shenzhen, Fuyong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- No amount of development has been able to replace the general love for pictures. Although video recording is a much better alternative to still pictures, it has not been able to replace the joy of see a still picture. At the same time again, everybody carries around thousands of pictures in their cell phone and yet the love and trend of hanging picture frames at home, work place and commercial buildings still continue.

Over the past years, the problem of excessive accumulation has posed a major problem both in buildings as well as outside. The digital photo frames have proven to be a great solution to this. People can now display as many pictures as they want in a single photo frame. It saves a lot of money while at the same time give a modern edge with minimalistic decoration in the house.

Huge frame offers a wide range of digital photo frames at affordable prices. As if displaying multiple pictures in a single frame is not good enough, the website has taken a step further by offering printers along with the frames. This printer can produce postcard sizes of the picture within a matter of seconds. Users can either choose to display pictures at random or in an organized manner or even run a slideshow of the pictures.

Some of the digital frames that Huge Frame offers can even run videos. While it has no storage device in itself, one can plug in USB devices and SD cards to view multiple pictures. By using these external memory aids, one can even use it as a tablet or a tv screen, depending upon the size of the frame and watch an entire movie. The frame comes with devices that can be attached to any speakers. The size of the frame also does not dictate the size of the pictures that can be displayed. Users can adjust according to personal preference. For more information please go to

A division of the EOOKE limited, Huge Frame manufactures some of Chine’s innovative digital photo frames and commercial advertising displays. It is based in Shenzhen and is one of the country’s leading manufacturers.