Longer Stamina Manifesto

Hugely Popular Longer Stamina Manifesto Receives Doctor Trusted Certification

The Yoga for Strength & Stamina (Longer Stamina Manifesto), written by athlete and yoga teacher Seema Gariwal, recently received Doctor Trusted Certification.


Brookline, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Low energy and endurance, fatigue and stress is a problem that plaques millions of men and women around the world. Seema Gariwal along with sportsman Elijah Victorson has addressed this issue with their hugely successful book, Yoga for Strength & Stamina (Longer Stamina Manifesto),. At the core of the book is a training program designed to show men how to deal with routine stress and makeover all aspects of their lives. Recently, Longer Stamina Manifesto became the recipient of Grade ‘A’ Doctor Trusted Certification when the techniques and exercises were evaluated by Indian doctors.

The new book and techniques within has shown to be a guide for men around the world who suffer with low energy and stamina and consequently suffer from its implications in various aspects of lives like career, health, relationship, job, sex life and so on. Longer Stamina Manifesto aims to show men how to treat low endurance and how spending even a few minutes per week in the gym can help boost stamina and endurance. Although research conducted shows that building your leg muscles and doing yoga is the ultimate key to performance enhancement, many athletes and men in general are not able to propel themselves further in every step they take because they might not be following proper techniques.

Low stamina is a stressful situation that also instills anxiety in many men. Longer Stamina Manifesto quells this issue by showing men how to naturally have longer lasting stamina and get across the finish line. Without any drugs or pills, the new book is designed to eliminate the physical and psychological effects of low energy. “With its unique 7 day program, Longer Stamina Manifesto is bringing welcome relief to thousands of athletes and people around the world,” said Seema.

The new Grade ‘A’ Doctor Trusted Certification was named after the program was evaluated scientifically by third party doctors such as Dr. Gupta. This is also a token to consumers of the program’s safety since it has been reviewed by the independent Consumer Protection Body. Seema is ecstatic about the program’s certification, which also shows that the program is safe for men of all ages.

Seema says, “The Longer Stamina Manifesto program has passed a strict review process by an independent medical doctor, which is great news for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. After receiving huge positive response, I am going to launch the program in Malaysia. There's a real art to lasting longer stamina. Most men are never taught or even made aware of the correct methods for energy control. From the way you breathe, to the way you relax and tense your body at the right time, it all affects your stamina. Even more important is your mental control. The mind is the body’s most sophisticated organ, so if you don't get your thoughts and mental processes under control, then your performance suffers and this happens in all aspects of your life."

About Seema Gariwal
Seema Gariwal is a yoga educator and author of the Longer Stamina Manifesto, offering brand new techniques to help men achieve more stamina and endurance. For more information visit http://enlastonline.com/