US Military Swords Online

Hughes Custom Woodworking Announces New Lower Prices on US Military Swords


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- The various branches of the United States military have used swords throughout their history as both a weapon and a symbol of power. While no longer used as weapons, swords still have a place in the uniforms and the hearts of our fighting men and women. U.S. Military Swords Online, a leading supplier of military swords, carries on the tradition by offering swords and cutlasses for collectors around the world, now at reduced prices.

“For many, the military sword has special meaning,” says a company spokesman for U.S. Military Swords Online. “A person who collects military items may have a collection of swords from the different branches for historical purposes, while another may have a sword from a specific time period and branch of military service to honor a family member who served our country.”

The swords and cutlasses offered at U.S. Military Swords Online are all crafted to the highest standards and some even carry military certification for their authenticity. From replica to authentic, the company offers several designs and styles dating back to the country’s early days, to modern times.

“Over the past several months, we’ve increased our selection of military swords much to the delight of our customers,” says the company spokesman. “By taking on additional models, we’ve also been able to reduce our pricing across the entire line, so we’ve made it a bit more affordable for people to get into collecting these elegant and historical pieces of military history.”

In addition to United States military swords and cultasses, the company offers a complete line of military collectibles and handcrafted wooden display cases designed to protect and show off one’s collection. U.S. Military Swords Online’s entire product line can be viewed on their website, located at