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Huizhou's Yosemite Housing Estate Units Now Available for Purchase

Well-furnished apartments and villas are ideal for residents and investors alike


Yuen Long, New Territories West -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- Situated in the heart of Huizhou’s Tongqiao Town area, the luxury apartments and villas in the new Yosemite Housing Estates development are now available for purchase by investors and residents alike.

“This is a diverse housing estate, with an array of amenities. Not only are the apartments and villas well-furnished, but this state-of-the-art development is also situated in a prime location next to one of Huizhou 's tea hills,” explained Bert Lam, the chief executive officer of CCW International Limited, who added, “This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase high-class residences in one of Huizhou's fastest-growing and most sought-after regions.”

The housing estates feature villa homes, in addition to high-rise apartments, which are surrounded by extensive recreation areas and walking paths in Tongqiao City Park. The estate also has a number of commercial units filled with shops for the optimal convenience for the residents.

Yosemite Housing Estates is in a prime location. Situated at the centre of Tongqiao Town; the area is regarded as an up-and-coming administrative centre of Huizhou’s Zhongkai Hi-Tech Industrial Park Area. The influxes of multinational corporations and enterprises have accelerated the regional economic development. In 2011-2012 alone, Huizhou’s the average annual GDP growth was about 13%. A new government administrative and commercial centre will be based in Tongqiao. The new development is also local to Hong Kong, Dongguan and Shenzhen.

“The Yosemite Housing Estates are expected to become even more sought-after once both Dongguan-Huizhou Railway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Links opens in 2014 and 2015 respectively,” Bert Lam explained, adding, “Situated at the junction of three cities, Yosemite Housing Estates residents will have convenient access to the train and the cities it serves.”

The developer currently owns the land and property outright, without any loans to complicate matters. The project is developed by a Hong Kong developer and thus, it is developed in compliance with all of Hong Kong's stringent laws and regulations. A premiere law firm that has been serving Hong Kong for more than a decade --- has been retained to serve as a witness to sign the sales and purchase contract, along with the contractors which secures the investors’ interest.

The Yosemite Housing Estate is served by a leading management company, which is available to tend to all tenants and rental-related matters. This, combined with other perks such as the central location and the fact that the units are fully-furnished, makes this development an ideal choice for investors.

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