Human Echolocation Poised to Change Lives for the Blind

The very first book to teach human echolocation has been published making this ability accessible to blind individuals worldwide.


Freeport, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- Believe it or not, you possess the ability to interpret the sounds around you as shapes and objects allowing you, with practice, to "see" using sound instead of vision.  Until now, this ability has been largely misunderstood and avoided, however, the very first book has been published making this ability accessible to blind individuals worldwide searching for greater independence.  Human echolocation is particularly suitable to those in developing nations where other mobility tools and training are difficult to find.

Human echolocation as a perceptual mobility tool has been gaining momentum in the blind community in recent years, however only a select few blind people in the world today actively utilize echolocation to the extent that we are innately able to - the extent to which they can break free of the clutches of dependency that blindness casts upon us and clearly see the world by creating simple clicking sounds.

Despite being completely blind these few people are able to ride bicycles, play sports and act independently without reliance on guides or other tools for orientation and mobility.  They can actually see everything around them with great clarity without using their eyes at all.

The ability to echolocate is something we all possess, even the sighted.  With more scientific research being published everyday, it is becoming apparent that nurturing this skill can give infinite amounts of independence, confidence and a whole new perspective to blind persons worldwide.  This type of "eye-opening" ability can and will drastically change lives in the coming decade.

One ambitious author has taken on the challenge of learning echolocation and has published a simple scientific breakdown of the skill in hopes that more and more people will begin to explore this unique and profound skill on their own.  He has formulated comprehensive lesson plans in print and audio format in an effort to deliver the knowledge and fundamentals of echolocation directly to the doorstep of those in need making this skill more accessible than ever before.

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About Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson is passionate about life and helping all people realize their dreams and accomplish their most aggressive goals. As a martial arts instructor he works with young children as well as adults to help them understand their true potential and gain the confidence and ambition they need to grow into strong, independent people. He believes that no one should settle for anything less than remarkable; and that life is a spectacular journey in which more is possible than we may ever know, but we should never stop trying to comprehend all that it has to offer. Our innate curiosity and motivation to improve ourselves is what makes us human and what will always drive us to new heights.

As a full time engineer, Tim’s approach to echolocation is an analytical, fact-based exploration of the subject. He encourages the understanding of fundamental concepts in order to gain a complete knowledge of a subject.

As a sighted person, he knows that his ability to echolocate might never equal that of a blind person who has used these skills every minute of the day for decades, and whose life literally depends on the amount of awareness he or she has. But he has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to learning the concepts, intricacies and applications of echolocation in his own life with a slightly different perspective in order to understand it to the best of his ability and share these lessons with those in need.