Human Intervention and Machines: Responsible Handling and Proper Implementation Are Keys for Humans to Have a Good Relationship with the Machines

The standards on the three phase separators should be implemented on all kinds of pressure vessels all across the globe to lessen the number of accidents happening in the field.


Jiutepec, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- There are several reasons why the definition of pressure vessel varies from country to country. For one, manufacture, operation and design are backed up by legislation which varies in geographic locations. Pressure is a dangerous science and had cause fatal accidents have happened in the long history of pressure vessel which more or less started during the industrial revolution. As a result of several boiler explosions, design and testing standards had been implemented. A system of certification was also approved to lessen accidents caused by pressure vessel explosion.

According to statistics conducted by the National Board of Broiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, the total number of accidents, injuries and deaths in the U.S. and Canada involving boilers and pressure vessels in 1999 increased to7.63 per cent compared to the number reported in 1998. The number of reported cases had increased from 2,011 in 1998 to 2,163 in 1999 respectively. The two main causes of these accidents were actually considered as human error such as operator error or poor maintenance and low water condition. However, most fatal injuries caused by pressure vessel accidents can be blamed to burner failures and limit controls which are manufacturing errors and not human errors. This report emphasizes the importance of the implementation of testing standards in the manufacture of vessels.

Most personnel risk their lives while manipulating a Three Phase Pressure Vessel, reason why laws have been implemented to make sure these risk factors were decreased. These will then result to the enhancement of the personnel’s safety, lessened risk in jeopardizing other critical components and the avoidance in releasing hazardous and toxic contents to the environment.

These standards should be implemented on all kinds of Pressure Vessels all across the globe. These standards will lessen the number of accidents happening in the field. This will aid in the peace of mind of workers who are handling these kinds of machineries. If proper implementation and testing standards were met, accidents caused by pressure vessels will decrease if not terminated.

Factors as discussed above should be considered in the trade of vessels, such as a Three Phase Pressure Vessels in Mexico. It should always be the safety of the personnel handling these machines that should be considered first. Of course, human responsibility is also an added factor. Responsible handling and proper implementation are keys to having a good relationship with these machines.

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