Humetrics' New Program Responds to the #1 Challenge Facing Every Business in America Today

Thorough Approach to Hiring Helps Companies Attract, Retain, and Motivate a Top Notch Workforce


Sugarland, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- The number one challenge facing nearly every company and manager in the country today is how to find, attract, and retain, a world class workforce. The most successful companies of any industry got there because of the team they put together. But hiring the right person for any job can prove to be a tricky task, no matter the size of the company nor the industry. Hiring expertise is invaluable, and fortunately, the tactics utilized by Humetrics has helped countless companies hire better, retain longer, and build a team they can be proud of. They are a firm determined to help businesses maximize their bottom line by increasing productivity with a reliable, dependable, motivated workforce.

"In my experience, there are plenty of managers who struggle to realize that the lack of hiring expertise is hurting their sales. We view these situations as an opportunity to come in, shake things up, and open their eyes to some simple strategies that truly turn the tide for the better," explained Mel Kleiman, Humetrics President. He continued, saying "In addition to hiring tips, we help great companies remain at the top of their game by keeping their best talent. It's a skill that is extremely valuable for both the short term and long term."

Ultimately, the experts at Humetrics are well versed in everything from speaking services to pre-employment attitude testing. They rely on a wealth of experience to help companies discover front line hourly employees, hire better, and retain longer. In addition, they recognize the importance of finding smart, effective employees to manage others – from manufacturing, to retail, hospitality, and especially franchise groups.

About Humetrics
Founded in 1976, Humetrics has been helping employers reassess and reinvent the way they recruit, select, and retain frontline hourly employees and the people who manage them for 40 years. They provide pre-employment attitude testing, keynote and breakout presentations, consulting services, and training programs built upon years of in-depth research and best practice studies of the most effective ways to recruit, hire, and retain a productive, motivated, and stable, hourly workforce.