Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2018-2028


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2018 -- With their extensive application in packaging industry of multiple sectors such as food, electronics, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic among others, the humidity indicator cards (HIC) market is expected to witness a steady demand in coming years. Manufacturers in the humidity indicator cards (HIC) market have introduced a wide range of humidity indicator cards (HIC) that enable precise humidity measurements by color change based on specific and relative humidity changes. The humidity indicator cards (HIC) present in the market are low-cost, low weight, safer, licensed and high quality. In particular, the manufacturers of electronics, automotive, military and tobacco industries that persistently prevent damage to their valuable products and equipment, highly seek affordable, durable and easy-to-read humidity indicator cards (HIC). With the presence of different types of humidity indicator cards (HIC) such as reversible, non-reversible, with different levels of indications and many others, the market for humidity indicator cards (HIC) is expected to propelled by a myriad of end-use applications.

Cobalt Dichloride which is extensively used in the humidity indicator cards (HIC) has been identified as a substance of concern for the environment. While manufacturers in the humidity indicator cards (HIC) have introduced Cobalt-free humidity indicator cards (HIC) and alternatives are being studied for their efficacy, the humidity indicator cards (HIC) market is expected to face challenges of adoption in the future with respect to their environment-friendly compatibility.

Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) Market: Overview

Humidity indicator card is a card impregnated with a chemical solution which changes colors to indicate the different levels of humidity with changing moisture. The chemical is cobalt chloride. Humidity indicator cards are used in several end use industries where moisture change can cause severe damage to the product. These cards indicate the change in the relative humidity. These cards have several benefits - easy to use & read, cost effective, instant visual verification of product integrity. Humidity indicator cards can be categorized as a part of active, smart & intelligent packaging. The global market for humidity indicator cards is categorized into end use industries such as food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, military applications, diagnostic & optical component packaging. The market for humidity indicator cards is expected to grow during the next ten years.

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Moisture sensitive devices, components or parts that needs to be protected from moisture are monitored by placing the humidity indicator card with them in a sealed container. With the help of humidity indicator card, moisture sensitive products can be protected from rust and corrosion. The humidity indicator card serves as a guide to monitoring device exposure.

Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) Market: Dynamics

The major key driver for global market for humidity indicator card is the electronics packaging industry. Humidity indicator cards are used in electronics industry to indicate the humidity levels as excessive moisture content may degrade the operational performance and cause permanent damage to the semiconductors and electronic devices.

Humidity Indicator Labels have witnessed wide usage in the current scenario. This is mainly attributed to the excellent visualization of humidity levels enabled by HIC. In addition to that, Humidity Indicator Cards are cost effective, which plays a key role in increasing their preference.

Despite the positive outlook, there are some factors which might hamper the growth of the global market for humidity indicator cards. First is the storage of these cards must be in sealed container in order to avoid the change in levels of humidity with moisture and second is that these cards only indicate the humidity level.

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Humidity Indicating Cards (HIC) Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global market for humidity indicating cards (HIC) is divided into seven key regions as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ), Middle East & Africa, and Japan. APEJ humidity indicator cards is expected to account for maximum market share in the global humidity indicator market. China is expected to contribute for nearly half of the global semiconductor market. The global humidity indicator market is expected to grow further on the backdrop of semiconductors market during the forecast period.