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Humongous Hippopotamus: Whimsical New Children's Book Encourages 'Accidental Learning'.

Allowing children and their parents to look at hippopotamus’ in an enchanting new light, Michael Wills’ ‘Humongous Hippopotamus’ fuses silly stories and fun facts to provide an enthralling yet educational reading journey. Taking children and their parents deep into the wild, readers can get up close and very personal with one of Africa’s largest mammals.


Lasalle, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Striking the perfect balance between fact and fiction is no easy feat, especially when it comes to children’s books. However, a striking new literary format devised by Ontario’s Michael Wills is set to become a literal roaring success.

Educating children about animals through highly-believable stories and anecdotes, ‘Humongous Hippopotamus’ is the first in series of upcoming books taking children and their parents deep into a world that’s as wild as their imaginations.


This charming picture book is a simple, silly guide to hippopotamuses that is sure to enlighten and entertain curious children (and adults) everywhere! A 'Certified Silly' experience your child will love, featuring humongous hippopotamuses in a digital picture book that kids will want to read again and again.

The colorful and exciting photographs will captivate your child's imagination and bring them back for more. Spend time exploring all of the hippos as they go about their day-to-day activities. Humongous Hippopotamus is a vivid, full-color picture book formatted specifically for popular eBook readers. You and your children will absolutely get hours of enjoyment out of this funny book.

The book explains everything from how a child should organize a sleepover with a hippopotamus, right through to playing hide-and-seek with them and even the logistics of inviting a hippo over for a swim. Throughout, real-world facts and compelling information are shared in a way that makes learning fun and unnoticeable.

“This book is fun and someone may accidentally learn something along the way. I think accidental learning is a great way to keep young readers engaged,” says Wills, who has also published four science fiction anthologies for older readers.

Continuing, “Kids want to be entertained and laugh. That’s why the book puts hippopotamuses into the kind of situations and activities kids enjoy, such as playing together and taking trips in the car. This disguises the book’s educational slant and helps children learn almost subconsciously.”

With initial feedback nothing short of glowing, Wills has been inspired to turn the model into a series.

“This book is now one of a series. I’ve got stories in the works involving dolphins, elephants, butterflies and rhinoceroses. Each book will follow the same format and each will also be Certified Silly!” he adds.

Fans are asked to keep their ears close to the ground for further announcements. Until then, ‘Humongous Hippopotamus’ is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/10lPVQ5

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I'm a husband, father, part-time geek, and full-time lawyer. I own and operate Digital Science Fiction in my spare time and am fascinated by all things online publishing. I love to read, of course. I also like bad science fiction movies, but good ones even more.

I'm trying my hand at writing and publishing children's books also, like "Humongous Hippopotamus" and "Six Birds Book". This helps me improve my publishing skills and is a fun activity to do with my two daughters.