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Humphrey Homes Launches New Campaign to Pair Homeowners with Home of Their Dreams displays examples of custom homes but emphasizes each home is unique and individualized


Cottesloe, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2014 -- According to statistics released by Housing Industry Association (HIA), more homes are expected to be built in WA in 2014 than in any year on record. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics report 6,850 new home loans have been obtained so far this year, compared to 6,000 last year. Experts point to the housing industry playing a key part in driving the WA economy. With this upswing in the building economy, Dean Humphrey, owner of Humphrey Homes announced its ramped up efforts to pair potential homeowners with the home of their dreams.

Confirms Humphrey, "Our luxury homes are designed and built to be absolutely unique and individual. To us, the idea of personalised architecture and luxury building extends further than the actual home we are creating; it’s also about working with our clients during the design stage, and the building stage, at a pace, level of involvement and detail that suits each individual client. For this reason, we have increased our efforts to create the exact designs homeowners want."

The business owner goes on to explain the way his company works these days. "As a small company, we don’t use impersonal processes or rigid procedures. Nor do we employ sales people, as that only adds extra layers of communication and cost that is passed on to the client. Our process of designing and building is both flexible and efficient."

The new difference Humphrey Homes brings to the process, explains the owner, is the merging of design and construction. "Most of our clients choose us so that they can build with us. Not only do they get our building expertise as part of the deal, but we are ready to start once the design is finished and approvals are in place, as opposed to spending months looking for a builder."

Humphrey states his Humphrey Homes Office is also very instrumental in providing the type of support his clients are looking for. "This is simply so everyone involved in creating our homes has a goal in mind. It’s not about doing ‘good’ work or ‘acceptable’ work, it needs to be of an award winning standard. We use this strategy to motivate our trades people and suppliers to give us their best work. Quality is often an attitude as much as having the right skills."

About Humphrey Homes
Humphrey Homes offers a process of designing and building homes that is both flexible and efficient. Their way of doing business starts by spending time getting to know their clients and helping them to feel comfortable and confident that they can help to create their dream home, efficiently and cost effectively. The firm additionally offers an informal, no obligation chat or meeting to discuss initial plans. At Humphrey Homes, it is their aim to satisfy their clients on every level.