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Hundreds of Gamers Are Taking Advantage of Free Microsoft Points at SystemReviewBonus.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Hundreds of gamers with the Microsoft Xbox 360 are taking advantage of the free Microsoft Points available with help from SystemReviewBonus.com. The website is offering legitimate free Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 users.

The Microsoft Store has recently been adding a great deal of downloadable content for Xbox 360 owners, which has prompted more gamers to turn to the website SystemReviewBonus.com in order to find ways to obtain free Microsoft points The website provides ways to get free Microsoft Points that can save gamers serious money on the latest downloadable content (DLC) at the Microsoft Store. “Gamers often drop serious money on a weekly and monthly basis at the Microsoft Store, which can get very expensive very fast,” said the SystemReviewBonus.com website founder. “With so many gamers requesting Free MicrosoftPoints, the word is spreading about the website.”

Microsoft Points are the currency utilized in the Microsoft Store to purchase everything from maps, skins, levels and demos to things like equipment, weapons and other items for the latest games. Xbox 360 owners use the free Microsoft Points to get all types of new DLC ranging from Avatar bling to a new Xbox membership and endless other uses.

As gamers have reached out to other sites and said, “Give me free Microsoft Points,” players have been dismayed to find that they must jump through a lot of hoops to obtain just a few free points. At SystemReviewBonus.com, gamers have the chance to get an Xbox 360 and a 400-point game card for free. Gamers merely click the “Get Microsoft Points” button on the website and they are directed to third party site where they only need to fill out some simple surveys.

People can use free Microsoft Points just like the normal Points to enhance the fun in the latest and greatest Xbox games, In addition to saving money on buying map packs and other in-game goods, gamers can purchase Xbox Live Gold, FIFA card packs, videos and even games. “These free Points will save some money on items that gamers need for the latest games like ‘Call of Duty’ and many others, so we encourage everyone to visit the site and see how they can get big points at no cost delivered to their inbox,” said the website founder. For more information, please visit http://www.systemreviewbonus.com/landing/free-microsoft-points

About SystemReviewBonus.com
The specific SystemReviewBonus.com website caters to gamers by providing free Microsoft Points to Xbox 360 owners. The Points are the currency used to purchase downloadable content that can be used with the latest games. The System Review Bonus landing page is part of a larger website that provides reviews on a wide variety of products and tools that are helpful to Internet Marketers and others.