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Hunters Experience Helicopter Hog Hunting in Dallas


Bonham, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- Hogs were first introduced to Texas over 300 years ago by early Spanish explorers. As settlers increased, hog numbers increased. Many hogs were freed during the Texas fight for independence when people were escaping to the United States or Mexico. Hogs began to range freely increasing the feral population.

European wild hogs, or "Russian boars," were first brought to Texas in the 1930's for sport hunting. Most eventually got loose, became wild, and bred with feral hogs. In light of the crossbreeding, few, if any at all, true European hogs remain in Texas.

Feral hogs are destructive, non-game animals. Their damage so extensive law permits year round hog hunting in Texas with no bag limits. Ground hunting is slow and dangerous, with some hogs weighing 300 pounds or more, so helicopter hog hunt can help. Landowners appreciate hog hunting from a helicopter and many give flying permission for aerial hunters as wild hog populations are growing and the need for helicopter hog hunting in Texas will continue to grow.

For helicopter hog hunting in Dallas we spoke with a representative from Skyhunter Outfitter LLC, "Our goal is to provide a needed service for Texas. Save crops, and minimize feral hog destruction while providing shooters the ultimate helicopter hog hunting experience. We want hunters to leave with lifetime memories and offer them helicopter hog hunting videos to share those memories with friends and family for a lifetime!"

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Owned and operated by a US Army Veteran and former Calvary Scout Pilot along with his qualified staff, Skyhunter Outfitters LLC provides shooters with the ultimate aerial feral pig hunting experience. Help save the eco-system of Texas while experiencing this unparalleled opportunity.

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