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Huntington Surf and Sport Shop Hosts Author Shaun Tomson


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Shaun Thomson, one of the 25 most influential surfers of the 20th century and one of the 10 greatest surfers of all time, has had a full career as a professional surfer. Best known for his surfing accomplishments, Shaun is also a businessman, environmentalist, public speaker, and author. Tomson recently appeared in-store at Huntington Surf and Sport on July 27, 2013, to promote his latest book, The Code, in which he discusses his philosophy for a better life.

Huntington Surf and Sport has been providing quality surf gear through its online surf shop for many years, but the company also hosts numerous events and appearances by surfing experts and stars. Huntington Surf and Sport offers quality surfing gear to customers throughout the world at their surf shop online . The online surfboard shop sells quality surfboards and accessories, while the online surf store sells the best in name brand clothing for men, women and children. Huntington Surf and Sport is well-known among professional and amateur surfers alike for top quality surfing gear.

Tomson’s appearance at Huntington Surf and Sport was an exciting event for the professionals and guests of the surf shop. Tomson spoke of his love for life even in the face of personal tragedy and his belief in the power of “I will.” Visitors had a chance to meet and talk to the legendary surfer while browsing the items that are available through the online surf shops.

Tomson’s book is an inspiration to surfers of all ages. Tomson began his career in South Africa and struggled with the Pacific waves for many years before developing his trademark maneuvers that still draw admiration from men and women who practice the art of surfing. Tomson’s dedication to his family and his sport have been the basis for many young people to continue their dreams of becoming professional surfers.

Huntington Surf and Sport supports the work of Shaun Tomson as he continues to bring his message of inspiration and hope in his writing and speeches.

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Since 1978, Huntington Surf and Sport has been providing the best in surfing gear and clothing through its store locations and, more recently, its surf stores online. Today's shoppers have many options in the surf store online , including a full line of name-brand clothing and quality surfboards and accessories. Huntington Surf and Sport has been a strong supporter of the southern California surf scene for many years through both its online surfshop quality items and its dedication to the art and sport of professional surfing.

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