Hurricane Flooding Can Be a Thing of the Past with Green Way Pavements

Victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and others can plan ahead and never worry about flooding again.


Binghamton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2017 -- When Green Way Pavements installed their Mission Grid product on the parking lot for an organization in Binghamton located in a flood zone, everyone was delighted when the project received FEMA approval.

The Foundation Parking Lot Project in Binghamton NY consists of 10,976 sq ft of Plastic Grid-Pavers delivering impressive benefits to the environment.

66.22 tons of CO2 saved. Equivalent carbon dioxide savings would require 13,941 trees.

Over 7 tons of recycled plastic was used. This is like re-purposing 109,760 plastic gallon jugs.

21,346 gallons of storm water was diverted during just ONE rain event.

Naturally, anyone in the path of a hurricane and everyone else who fears flooding could enjoy the many benefits of Green Way's innovative Mission Grid paving product. The top benefits of Mission Grid would help with run off, storm water. That's because this paving product is permeable and lets water pass right through. One of the biggest problems Houston and other parts of Texas faced was all of the flooding as a result the unrelenting rainfall from Hurricane Harvey. With all of the concrete and pavement in Houston, it took all of that storm water days to dissipate. That never happens with Mission Grid pavement products. Flooding and storm surges are immediately and automatically take care of as the rain water has an immediate exit.

Features of Mission-Grid & Storm Water Control at a glance:

*First and foremost, grid-paver mitigates flooding

*Allows for quickened drainage, instantly drains water, and water becomes naturally filtered

*Grid-paver dries faster and eliminates contamination

*Reduces run-off

*Minimizes excessive pooling in low-lying areas due to runoff

*Returns water to the water table and provides groundwater recharge

*Prevents/remedies erosion of stream beds, riverbanks and beaches

Green Way Pavements is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo offering substantial savings on all of their products. Anyone who needs to rebuild and repair after hurricane damage should check this out so they are more than ready for the next hurricane or flood event.

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