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Husband and Wife Team Restart Family Business Decimated by War-Torn Yugoslavia


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Few stories are as compelling as the demise of Nano Essentials and its flagship product E-Drops—a casualty of the civil wars in 1990s Yugoslavia—and its rebirth as a thriving family business that continues its family legacy from Ontario Canada. Today, the company celebrates that legacy and rebirth as well as the launch of their first English website to coincide with the start of national distribution of E-Drops Nano, the all-natural alternative for helping with urinary tract infections and cystitis. Nano Essentials Inc. is a leading researcher, producer and worldwide distributor of innovative and healthy nutraceuticals.

Massive loss of life, shattered lives of hundreds of thousands and a decimated economic and business infrastructure was the result of war-torn Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. For Dr. Enes Hasanagic—the inventor of the highly successful all-natural E-Drops for urinary tract infections and cystitis—that loss of infrastructure meant quickly dwindling supplies. In defiance of the surrounding chaos, Dr. Hasanagic continued to treat patients throughout the war. Unfortunately, the loss of infrastructure soon led to the demise of the product, which faded from existence and memory.

Two people that did not forget were Alternative Medicine M.Ds Vedran and Mirjana Hasanagic. Anticipating the coming war, Vedran, the son of E-Drops creator Dr. Enes Hasanagic, his wife Mirjana and their four-month-old daughter fled the country to first Cyprus and then Canada. Vedran and Mirjana ultimately created their own successful company in the ensuing years known as Natural E. They soon decided to renew their old partnership ties within Yugoslavia to restart sales of the breakthrough E-Drops product.

After merging the revived Nano Essentials with Natural-E, the new Nano Essentials Inc. registered E-Drops Nano with Health Canada and received approval after an almost three-year wait. Registration approval from the European Union soon followed. “Mirjana assumed the role of president for the new Nano Essentials Inc. and we began mass production and worldwide distribution of E-Drops Nano,” said Vedran Hasanagic.

Nano Essentials Inc. brings together the expertise of medical and pharmaceutical researchers, doctors, PhD’s, and pharmaceutical business leaders from around the world. The company’s mission is to address human needs with research and development of natural remedies.

“We utilize state-of-the-art nanotechnologies to deliver healthy alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals that all-too-often create dangerous side-effects and unexpected consequences for those trying to attain and maintain healthy lives,” said Hasanagic.

In addition to E-Drops Nano, Nano Essentials Inc. also produces and distributes Essential-D nanoemulsion, a potent and highly bioavailable liquid source of Vitamin D. “We adhere to the highest standards for natural drug study, research, clinical testing, development and placement in order to deliver nothing short of a perfect natural solution to help people fight their illnesses and conditions,” said Nano Essentials Inc. President Mirjana Hasanagic. “As a family business that has re-emerged to once again grow into a thriving company, we can think of no better way to continue the legacy of quality research and innovative natural products that help people lead healthier lives.” For more information, please visit http://nano-essentials.com

About Nano Essentials Inc.
Nano Essentials produces and distributes innovative and healthy nutraceuticals that are based on natural therapies and absorbed naturally by the body. The company’s researchers utilize state-of-the-art nanotechnologies to deliver healthy alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals for those trying to attain and maintain healthy lives. Currently, the company makes and distributes E-Drops Nano and Essential-D nanoemulsion.