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Hushamok's Organic Hammocks Provide a Natural Alternative to Baby Bassinets

Baby Hammock Provides the Ideal Environment for Newborn Sleep


North Shore City, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- As opposed to traditional baby bassinets, Hushamok baby hammocks are the ideal environment for newborn sleep, with its natural, self-soothing motion and unique design - it truly is the next best thing to the womb. This unique piece of baby furniture is the perfect alternative to baby bassinets. Used for thousands of years, hammocks provide a comfortable, soothing and health-promoting sleeping space for babies. Modernized by Hushamok with an innovative design, baby hammocks are once again the best sleeping option for newborns.

Recommended by the leading health and parenting media outlets, including The Doctors and Fit Pregnancy, Hushamok helps guard against major heath concerns that can arise during sleep. Unlike traditional baby bassinets, the unique design is ideal for newborns and cradles baby from the sides, creating a safe and restful environment. Hushamok’s alternative to the traditional bassinet enables baby to sleep soundly on its back, a key recommendation in the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The natural swinging, rocking and bouncing motion of a baby hammock induce sleep even in the most restless babies – something traditional baby bassinettes cannot offer. Hushamok’s unique design also helps ease symptoms of colic, which often interrupts newborn sleep cycles. While the eco-friendly materials give organic families peace of mind knowing their baby is not exposed to any harmful materials sometimes found in baby bassinettes.

Among the most popular products, the Hushamok baby hammock set includes an organic baby hammock in un-dyed organic cotton, mattress, two matching fitted sheets, and a leafspring. Each baby hammock set comes complete with all necessary hardware for easy installation. The Hushamok Baby Hammock is an early development product designed for newborn sleep for babies up to approximately six months or 22 pounds.

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About Hushamok™
Mark and Julie Soboil founded Hushamok in 2006 after the birth of their first child, when a friend recommended a traditional baby hammock. The baby hammock worked wonders in soothing their restless and unsettled baby. As much as they loved the concept of this 1000-year-old invention, they felt it needed updating to meet the demands of today’s natural parent. With Mark and Julie’s backgrounds in Environmental Science and interest in using eco-friendly and organic materials, their journey to design modern nursery furniture began. A year later, Hushamok began selling its inaugural product, the Hushamok baby hammock.