Huuman Introduces New Portable Power Devices Designed to Offer More Device Talk Time

Huuman reports many consumers find their mobile devices don't offer the continuous talk time needed, much less time for other uses, and the power devices solve this problem easily


Blaine, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- PC Mag recently conducted a study to determine which cell phones offer the longest battery life. They found the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx offered the best continuous talk time, coming in at 16 hours and 45 minutes, before needing a charge. Its nearest competitor, the Motorola Droid 4, offered only 11 hours and 47 minutes before needing to be charged. However, individuals running apps or browsing on the Internet may find their battery runs down more quickly. Huuman recognized the need for portable power supplies, thanks to this limited battery life, and created a whole lineup to assist consumers with their power needs.

"Huuman understands the importance of one's mobile device now and created a portable battery power supply to ensure consumers have access to the device when they want and need it most. Many opt to purchase Charlie, a 10,400mAh power source packed in a 10mm fun, fresh, and flirty case. Charlie charges itself while simultaneously charging two other devices and comes in a wide range of colors to meet any taste," Nicole Huuman, spokesperson for Huuman, declares.

Charlie features a mirrored back so one can ensure they look their best at all times, and four LED charge lights alert users to the backup power remaining in the device. This model features dual 5V/2A USB ports for devices requiring a great deal of power, along with a 1A USB port for those items requiring less power. Safety features found on Charlie include discharge and overcharge protection, together with short circuit and device protection.

"Others elect to purchase Maxx, a smooth, sleek, and sexy external Battery Charger. Maxx comes in handy when one wants to read on a plane without disturbing others, thanks to the high powered mini flashlight included in the device. Others find it's the perfect tool for finding keys in the bottom or a bag or purse, as keys seem to love to hide when a person needs them most. Maxx offers features identical to those seen in Charlie, yet comes with a brushed aluminum casing, one displaying beauty and brawn in one amazing device," Huuman continues.

In addition to portable battery chargers, Huuman offers portable wireless speakers, USB port expanders, and cell phone mounts. The company continues to test certain items and will be releasing these items soon, as quality remains the highest priority at all times. Huuman remains committed to providing only those items which work as they are designed to.

As Huuman explains, the company was founded on the desire to overcome the frustration associated with limitations on modern technology. Individuals find their devices have now chained them to a charger, as they don't wish to be without the device. With the help of the external power supplies offered through the company and other items designed for use with devices of this type, consumers find they can do more than they ever dreamed with their portable electronics. It's a whole new world with the help of Huuman products.

About Huuman
Huuman understands the average consumer's frustration with limitations on modern technology. Electronic accessories tend to give out when people need them most, which is what lead to Huuman's desire to escape the chains of modern devices and live differently. This desire led to the birth of Huuman, a company dedicated to creating high quality, portable, durable, safe, and long-lasting accessories for electronic devices, ones visually appealing, so consumers won't feel embarrassed carrying them around. With the help of Huuman products, consumers find their favorite devices go further, perform better, and look great while accomplishing these goals.