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HVAC San Antonio Company Helps Homeowners Receive Better Quality Air, Stay Healthier


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- The majority of Americans would assume the air quality inside their homes is much cleaner than the air outside.

But according to HVAC San Antonio company Texas Air Masters, given the design of today’s homes and the emphasis placed on energy efficiency, most home air conditioning units have been transformed into hubs for microbes and other living organisms that can be hazardous to people’s health.

Fortunately, homeowners can check their home’s air quality and learn how to improve it if necessary by enlisting the help of a qualified AC San Antonio repair company.

Specializing in residential service, repair and replacement, Texas Air Masters offers a “Unique Indoor Climate” approach to help ensure homeowners receive the highest quality service, and air. With more than 20 years of experience in the air conditioning San Antonio industry, the company strives to impress customers with their no-risk guarantees and innovative installation methods.

With the move toward greener homes, contractors are making houses more air tight in an effort to keep conditioned air inside the home. But by creating this airtight environment, the contaminants kept inside the home do not have the ability to dissipate outside. They are simply recycled again and again throughout the home by air conditioning units. These contaminants may include pollen, dirt, dander, mold, infections, chemicals, cleaners and more.

According to Texas Air Masters, many air conditioner San Antonio contractors compound the issue with poor design of air handling units and ducting systems. Texas Air Masters improves the overall design of the air conditioning unit while still maintaining energy efficiency with their “Unique Indoor Climate” approach.

“Our team members not only have access to ‘state-of-the-art’ testing and diagnostic equipment, we are constantly being trained in advanced, cutting edge installation and system design techniques,” states Texas Air Masters. “This, along with our sincere commitment to providing you with a no-risk way of doing business enables us to provide you with a higher caliber of air conditioning service!”

The company also features a host of no-risk guarantees, including their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on air conditioning service, their lifetime parts guarantee, and their U-1st guarantee, which ensures the performance of an AC unit or heating system within the first year.

For more information, visit http://TexasAirMasters.com/

About Texas Air Masters
For more than 20 years, Texas Air Masters has been providing residential air conditioning and heating service, repair and replacement to homeowners throughout the San Antonio area. Featuring a “Unique Indoor Climate” approach and a range of no-risk guarantees, the company aims to help homeowners receive the highest quality service, and air.