Joe Bragg Offers Industry Leading Insights Into HVAC Education


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2012 -- A technical career in the HVAC industry can be both rewarding and lucrative for people who thrive on diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues within a home or building. HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the demand for engineers in this field continues to grow.

While many people start as HVAC helpers or apprentices at a low hourly wage, training and certification courses can boost their income and future prospects. A website that has been creating a lot of recent buzz in the HVAC industry is This site offers a comprehensive educational guide for current HVAC helpers and potential HVAC workers who want to get the most out of this exciting career. explains what steps need to be taken to enroll in a local training program and also discusses Associate degree programs that are offered by local community colleges and technical schools.

Learning entrepreneurial skills is also an essential part of HVAC training and certification and highlights the benefits of starting your own HVAC business. The site emphasizes you cannot start your own HVAC business without the appropriate HVAC education. is an honest assessment of what it takes to become a knowledgeable and certified HVAC worker. A spokesman for explains this in detail: “Application electrical knowledge is required, as this is necessary for installing a furnace or geothermal unit. Some of these electrical components are very complex, and will require more than just a little experience and a basic idea. There are serious health and injury risks if contractors are not properly trained. In addition to that, HVAC must deal with condensation and other plumbing properties, so knowledge about fluid mechanics is necessary.”

The site covers all aspects of the HVAC profession with useful resources on jobs, salaries, HVAC Schools and details on HVAC Certification and tests. The site is continually updated with news from the HVAC industry.

About is a comprehensive guide in one simple website that points potential members of this industry in the right direction when seeking training and certification for HVAC technician jobs. It offers a feature that allows searches by ZIP code allowing visitors to find local schools as well as full list of online courses. In addition, the site explains what types of tests are required throughout the HVAC certification process. For more information visit