Joe Bragg Provides a Helpful Guide to Making a Career in HVAC

New website launches, containing an informative guide to starting a lucrative career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Almost every home will have some kind of heating, ventilation or air conditioning system installed. It’s an important way to control the climate inside the home, making it more pleasant to live in. Like any system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning apparatus needs periodic maintenance and repair. The professionals who perform this function are known as HVAC technicians.

One HVAC related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This is a new site that contains a comprehensive and informative guide to getting started in a career involving HVAC. The site is quickly building a reputation as one of the Internet’s best information resources on this topic.

The editorial content on the site contains everything that a visitor contemplating a career in HVAC needs to know. The main focus is on HVAC certification and training, which is completely essential for HVAC technicians. There are articles about the training requirements, training schools, and the benefits of being fully certified.

The site also contains miscellaneous information that would be of interest to its target audience, including the average salaries for professional technicians working in the HVAC arena, and a guide to the different job functions in the HVAC sphere.

A spokesperson for the site said: ”As with most trades, it’s essential for HVAC technicians and maintenance professionals to be fully certified by a professional body. It’s impossible to carry out work without this paperwork. In order to be certified, the technician must pass a certification exam. It’s usually necessary to undergo a series of classes before this exam is taken. The road into an HVAC career can seem like a complicated one, but our website is set up to make it simple. It contains a vast swathe of information related to an HVAC career. Our goal is for the site to serve as a complete information resource for anyone in the beginning stages of their career, or those who wish to start their HVAC training. We have information on our site that can take a complete neophyte all the way to HVAC professional status.”

About is an informative site aimed towards budding HVAC technicians. It contains details about the route into the HVAC profession, as well as other related materials.

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