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Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC Has Just Announced Their New Line of Breakers


West Berlin, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Construction projects and quarries require a great deal of equipment. Once a construction project is underway or a quarry has been established, the work cannot be interrupted due to faulty equipment. There are various hydraulic shops that will service hammers. However, very few of these shops specialize in hammers and that’s the difference at Hydraulic Breaker Services. The professionals at Hydraulic Breaker Services understand the importance of having a high-performing hammer on the job, and have just announced their new line of breakers available this spring 2013.

At Hydraulic Breaker Services, customers can take comfort in the reliability of a full-service distributor and servicer of their hydraulic hammer. Not only will Hydraulic Breaker Services refurbish clients existing hammers, but they sell new industry leading hammers as well. In fact, Hydraulic Breaker Services has just announced their new line of hammers, the Hammerhead series.

Hydraulic Breaker Services offers clients the ability to refurbish their existing hammers beyond the scope of which most repair shops are willing to do. Additionally, the staff at Hydraulic Breaker Services will discuss the most appropriate options for each individual customer. Some hammers may be repaired at a cost much lower than clients have been told or would presume. However, when a hammer is beyond repair or a customer is in need of a new hammer, Hydraulic Breaker Services now offers the industry leading Hammerhead series.

The Hammerhead series of hammers are designed to withstand the most intense conditions and work environments. Every Hammerhead hammer includes a heavy duty housing design in which the power cell is fully protected. Furthermore, the Hammerhead series are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance. The staff at Hydraulic Breaker Services will go over each customer’s needs and discuss the Hammerhead product that best fills their need.

About Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC
The main reason Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC is in existence to offer demolition for those in the quarry and construction industry. Their goal is to build long lasting relationships with company’s giving them the ability to save not only time but also money for those who are on a tight budget. With the most powerful equipment in the industry, Hydraulic Breaker Services is able to provide unmatched customer service, support and maintenance. By surpassing the expectations of all companies, they show how committed they are to their product by going above and beyond for every client. For more information about Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC or to schedule an on-site hammer operating training session, visit http://www.hydraulicbreakerservices.com