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Hydrogen Fuel Generators Saving Drivers Thousands of Dollars a Year on Gas


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2011 -- Today the Mileage Shop (http://mileageshop.com) is launching their revolutionary new Hydrogen Fuel generator. The new red design features a built in mounting bracket and, a new state of the art box that is melt-welded and insures, in addition to guaranteeing it never leaks. It has 316L stainless steel built hydrogen tanks. The red design new unit is smaller in size and is now designed to fit in almost all compact cars.

It’s no secret that there are a few scam sites out there that appear on ripoffreport.com offering little if no support and sell faulty HHO kits that do not work. The consumer has good reason to be weary of such sites considering that hydrogen kit sites scams on the rise. The Mileage Shop, on the other hand, guarantees their products 100%.

Their competitively priced hydro fuel generators are technologically up-to-date in every way possible and the discounted price of only $299 speaks for itself. The average price of the competition is usually $500-600 and are normally built by backyard engineers with very little experience.

Hydro fuel is the answer to rising fossil fuel costs with the Mileage Shop’s new red design. Consumers not only pay for the unit in the first few weeks for what they save in gas, but they also get the guarantee and assurance in investing in a reliable quality hydro fuel generator.

The Mileage shops produce 2-3 liters of hydrogen per minute and are compatible with gasoline and diesel engines. There is no technology more advanced on the market today when it comes to hydrogen fuel generators. When it comes to quality and cost, the Mileage shop has absolutely no competition. There is plenty of content available on the internet to help the consumer make an educated and informed decision and the Mileage Shop encourages shoppers to do their homework.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation to The Mileage shop’s success. Shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of their no risk lifetime warranty and order their hydro fuel generator today and watch the savings pile up. With their lifetime warranty The Mileage shop guarantees an absolute risk-free purchase.

To learn more about The Mileage Shop, or to purchase a gas saving hydrogen Fuel generator, please visit: http://mileageshop.com

Or, for state-specific searches, just enter a state name plus “.mileageshop.com;” for example http://www.california.mileageshop.com