Hydrogen Engine Creator Hydrogine Officially Launches Industry Changing Technology on Kickstarter


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- In seeking to keep control of the development of their world-changing hydrogen engine, Hydrogine seeks to develop further prototypes through their Kickstarter campaign. The Chicago based company fine tuned their hydrogen powered engine over the last decade, in part drawing on the talent of MIT graduate and former Director at NASA, Mark Forman, one of the three people credited with inventing the Hydrogine engine. The company is now ready to raise capital for development of more advanced prototypes.

Mark Forman, co-inventor of the Hydorgine hydrogen powered engine and its Hydrogine S fuel, recently talked about the benefits of his company's technology. "Imagine a world where it costs $1.00 to fill up your gas tank, a world where your home is heated by a fuel source that is comprised of 95% water (the most abundant compound on earth). How about a world where your business saves upwards of 1500% on its energy costs? Hydrogine will do nothing short of create a world where alternative renewable energy is independent of climate and geographic location, a world where we are reducing our carbon footprint for our children and grandchildren. This will be a world with Hydrogine at its core."

For doubters who view alternative energy technology as a trendy showing off of questionable technology, Hydrogine lets their patent speak for the company's practical and scientific basis of their engine.

On November 26, 2013 Hydrogine was awarded an international patent (US/Intl Utility Patent: US8590496) for a multi-use, self propelled hydrogen powered engine that produced environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost efficient energy. After careful consideration, the company has declined divesting the patents in favor of raising capital to support a final round of prototypes that we will be showcased on the world stage. Ryan Saunders, President & CEO of Hydrogine said of the company launch, “We feel Kickstarter provides us with the perfect venue to not only assist us in accomplishing such financial endeavors, but it allows us to educate the world about the inevitable impact our Hydrogine technology will have on the environment and the global economy as a whole.”

Hydrogine was one of those inventions born out of mishap. Most inventors strive for weeks, months, or years to perfect their products. (Thomas Edison tried thousands of different light bulb filaments before arriving at the ideal mixture of tungsten.) But sometimes, brilliance is sparked by an accident. This was the case with plastic, x-rays, Penicillin, Coca-Cola, Teflon, the microwave and Velcro (to name just a few). Hydrogine very well may become the greatest accidental invention of all time.

Whereas overcharging a battery to generate enough hydrogen energy to propel a piston had been conceptualized by many engineers before, no one had been able to efficiently manage and recycle the hydrogen needed to create enough sustainable energy to successfully power an engine.

That was until a now infamous wrench (which was thrown out of frustration following months of failed attempts) struck one of the early Hyrdogine test engines in a way that caused a slight shift in the energy current. That accidental strike ended up allowing for control of the flow of hydrogen energy and thereby birthed a breakthrough that will forever alter the landscape of the energy industry.

For more information visit the Hydrogine website at http://hydrogines.com

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With their Hydrogen powered engine and Hydrogine S fuel technology, Co-Inventors Mark Forman, Daniel Resendiz and Javier Sanchez developed a fully scalable and cost efficient alternative to traditional energy production. Whereas they applaud the efforts of those that have paved the way for the alternative energy movement of the past decade, Hydrogine's focus has been on developing a technology where the capital footprint is actually aligned with the carbon footprint, a technology that is not only viable and thereby scalable, but one that does not require mortgaging the future of our economy to attain.

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