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Hydrojet, Inc. Announces Composite Machining Services for Marine Products


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- For more than 20 years, when companies have needed a prototype developed or upgraded, they have turned to Hydrojet, Inc. The company has provided service to a variety of industries from aeronautics to medical and has received recognition for the quality of their products from Lockheed Martin. Expanding the reach of their services, Hydrojet, Inc. proudly announces composite machining services for marine products.

Using industry leading equipment, they can create a wide range of marine parts with extreme precision. Their expert technicians can craft propellers, engine components, and varied composites, as well as performing haul machining. They work closely with clients through every phase of composite manufacturing from conception to production. The company uses a variety of materials.

Hydrojet, Inc. can fabricate complex marine parts through 5-axis machining and dynamic waterjet cutting techniques. With the machine’s articulated wrist, they can make these intricate designs in just one set-up, which will reduce production time and cost. The immense amount of psi used in their hyper-pressure pump allows them to cut the materials with superior accuracy and speed. By creating a marine product through waterjet cutting techniques, the cuts are made without the use of heat, which means there is no thermal degradation or distortion of the material. The process does not alter the materials’ chemical and physical characteristics.

Through their many years of service, Hydrojet, Inc. has machined products made from a wide array of materials, such as fiberglass, neoprene, and thermoplastics. With their extensive knowledge in machining a variety of items, clients can trust the company to create high-quality parts that will hold up to the most vigorous of tests. To learn more about their manufacturing capabilities or to contact them about a potential job, visit their website today.

About Hydrojet, Inc.
Hydrojet, Inc. has become a strong leader in the waterjet cutting and precision machining industry. Their main goals are to provide clients with the utmost precise and excellent service that has made their business a success to this day. The state of the art facility that withholds all of their most advanced equipment and technology is located northwest of Philadelphia. This is where the professionals at Hydrojet are dedicated to offering the best most accurate products that surpass all expectations.

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