Hydrojet Inc.

Hydrojet, Inc. Continuing to Take Clients in Need of Composite Machining Services for Fall 2015


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Berks County, PA-based company, Hydrojet, Inc., is pleased to announce that they are continuing to take clients in need of composite machining services and more, this fall. This industry-leading organization operates at all hours of the day and night, as well as seven days a week to guarantee that their clients receive all of their products on time. To get in touch with Hydrojet, Inc. to learn more about their machining and manufacturing processes, or to place an order for parts, please email them anytime at info@hydrojet.com, or call them at 610-285-9019.

One of the benefits of choosing Hydrojet, Inc. is that they have a fully-equipped 40,000 square foot facility. The staff at Hydrojet, Inc. is also dedicated to ensuring that they deliver only the highest quality products to their clients. Furthermore, because the company only uses top-of-the-line machines, practically every material they have can be cut, milled, and machined flawlessly. In all, organizations that choose Hydrojet, Inc. can rest assured that they are working with a company that gets everything done in a precise and efficient manner.

Some of the products that the company excels at manufacturing includes, but is not limited to, propellers, engine components, packaging products, and circuit boards. If a client needs their product/part customized, the company will do everything that they can to accommodate. Lastly, some of the machines that the company uses consists of their 5 Axis High Speed Milling, 3 Axis Dynamic Waterjet machine, and many others that can be found listed on their website.

Representatives of organizations who are looking for a company that is more than proficient at machining composites should look no further than Hydrojet, Inc. this November and December. To learn more about what the company does, as well as the machines that they use, please visit them on the web at http://www.hydrojet.com.

About Hydrojet, Inc.
Hydrojet, Inc. has become a strong leader in the waterjet cutting and precision machining industry. Their main goals are to provide clients with the utmost precise and excellent service that has made their business a success to this day. The state of the art facility that withholds all of their most advanced equipment and technology is located northwest of Philadelphia. This is where the professionals at Hydrojet are dedicated to offering the best most accurate products that surpass all expectations.

For more information, visit http://www.hydrojet.com/.