Hydrojet Inc. Now Offering Free Test Cuts for Prototypes


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- Hydrojet Inc., headquartered in Reading, PA, has become a leading provider in machining composites for various industries. Regardless of the type of material or the industry, Hydrojet Inc. can satisfy the needs of all customers. The cutting edge technology and Hydrojet’s modern facility allow for a tremendous customer experience. The professionals at Hydrojet Inc. are always looking for new ways to provide customers with a better product than any competitor. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering customers free test cuts for prototypes.

Hydrojet Inc. specializes in waterjet cutting, machining, milling, and routing of almost any material imaginable. Literally from A to Z, Hydrojet Inc. will work with everything from acrylic to zinc. At Hydrojet Inc., there is an understanding in regards to the importance of detail involved with making a prototype. Customers come to Hydrojet Inc. because they know they’ll be utilizing the most versatile production and machining company around. Often times, a prototype is a crucial part of a new business venture. Every detail in prototype production needs to be exact. Thankfully, Hydrojet Inc. is now offering free test cuts for customers looking to build a prototype.

There are many reasons why customers should consider building a prototype. For starters, it is virtually impossible to go into production without a prototype. Even the most specific and technically sound drawings need to be tested with raw materials. Furthermore, a physical prototype allows for the discovery of unknown flaws or potential advantages that can’t be obtained through drawings. Additionally, if a customer is looking to raise capital, a physical prototype is much more appealing than an image.

Perhaps most importantly, building a prototype allows for an inventor to begin patenting more detailed aspects of a product. Plus, production costs can start to be projected. There are plenty of reasons to build a prototype. Now, with free test cuts, Hyrdojet Inc. is making the decision even easier.

About Hydrojet, Inc.
Hydrojet, Inc. has become a strong leader in the waterjet cutting and precision machining industry. Their main goals are to provide clients with the utmost precise and excellent service that has made their business a success to this day. The state of the art facility that withholds all of their most advanced equipment and technology is located northwest of Philadelphia. This is where the professionals at Hydrojet are dedicated to offering the best most accurate products that surpass all expectations.

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